our workouts + community will help you achieve your goals, love your body, & look/feel amazing b

insanely effective and fun workouts you can do from home or in a gym to build muscle, enhance your physique, & look/feel great in 30-90 min/day.

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LCK & Bryan Boorstein, Founders of Paragon Training Methods

Welcome Home!

They say the best companies or products come from solving a problem… and Paragon actually started with solving my mine.

– Paragon Founder, LCK

Trust us, we get it: it can be a real jungle when it comes to finding workouts that are fun, effective, and will actually help you achieve your goals… which is why we’re so excited you’re here. Our workouts, coaching, and community at Paragon are truly our pride and joy.

We believe that the way you eat & exercise should provide freedom and peace of mind. That strong, confident, and well-fed looks good on everybody and every body… and that life is too short to be at war with your body.

You don’t have to spend hours endlessly working out to achieve your goals and to look (and feel) great. We can’t wait to show ya how ♥️

kAt Paragon, we believe life is too short to not look + feel greate

How Paragon Works

Step 1: Join Now for just $49/month

Get immediate access to our insanely fun and insanely effective workouts guaranteed to help you look and feel your best in just 30-90 min/day. You’ll also have access to endless educational resources regarding nutrition and fitness from the Paragon team. 

Step 2: Workout from anywhere with 24/7 support

Whether at a gym or working out from home, you can get instant responses and help from LCK, Bryan, and our Paragon coaches. Our massive community likeminded individuals at Paragon are so excited to cheer you on and help you meet your goals.

Step 3: Change your life

Feel great in your skin, love your body, finally accomplish your goals, and find freedom and peace of mind in the way you eat and exercise.

Your Membership to Paragon Includes…

1) Access to 8 Incredible Workout Programs ($392 Value) 
whether your goal is to improve body comp, lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger and hit new lift PR’s, improve your endurance/cardio, keep up with your kids, or just be the best athlete you can be – our workouts have you covered.

2) Freedom To Workout How You Want, Where You Want 
5 programs that require a barbell, DB’s, squat rack, and bench, 3 programs that require just 2-3 pairs of dumbbells (perfect for travel and at-home workouts!)

3) Around-The-Clock Coaching Support from LCK, Bryan, & Paragon Coaches
get instant responses on questions regarding workouts, scaling, modifications, nutrition advice, mindset, body image, and more.

5) Pregnancy/Postpartum Resources From The Mint Prjct
all the educational resources, workout modifications/substitutions, and support for our amazing mommas and mommas-to-be of Paragon. 

6) Instant Feedback On Your Lifts
we may not physically be there in person while you lift, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get instant feedback from us on how you’re lifting. Post a form check video, get super speedy feedback. It’s that simple (:.

7) Members-Only Group = Unmatched Community Support
Paragon members do it better. Get ready for unmatched support from thousands of like-minded individuals excited to help you look & feel your best.

8) Paragon Smartphone App, Demo Videos, & Massive Video Library 
easily view workouts, record your lifts, and track your progress right from your fingertips. Not sure how to perform a lift correctly? No sweat. We have hundreds of videos in our Paragon Youtube channel we always link to in our app.


7 Life-Changing Workout Programs

b Which program is right for you?

Wanna Look
Good Naked?

With our most popular program, Physique, you’re guaranteed to look and feel great. You can lift at the gym, at home, or even just 3 days a week! (less days working out doesn’t have to = less results)

We have multiple variations to this killer program: Physique, DB Physique, and 3-Day Physique.

Working Out
From Home?

Don’t have access to a gym or tons of equipment? Always traveling and living life ‘on the go’? As long as you have 2-3 pairs of dumbbells, you have plenty of amazing options.

We have DB-only versions of our incredible Hybrid Cardio/Lift, Physique, and Quickie programs.

Love Variety & Fast Paced Workouts?

Love fast-paced workouts, getting sweaty, and being out of breath? Want the best of all worlds because you love variety and want it all?

Our Paragon program has the most variety. Our Hybrid program is great for those who love to cardio (like running or Peloton). And finally, our DB Quickie program is perfect for those who want a quick, fast, and fun workout.

life busy & You’re Short on  Time?

Sometimes it be like that and we don’t have tons of time to workout. Thankfully we have amazing workouts to help you do the least while still getting the most.

Our 30-min DB Quickie program is a fan favorite (and you can do it from ANYWHERE). Our 3-Day Physique programs encompasses 3 full body lift sessions so you can get in, get out, and go live life.

Want FREE Workouts From

Each of Our Amazing Programs?

How You Workout Doesn’t Matter.

No matter which Paragon program you choose, you’re going to have incredibly fun and effective workouts to follow + around-the-clock coaching and community support every step of the way towards your goals.

All our programs will get you from A to B, so the only question is… HOW ya wanna get there?

We’ve Changed Thousands of Lives Around the Globe. We Can’t Wait to Change Yours.

We’ve helped thousands of amazing people around the globe smash their goals, look and feel incredible, and find better harmony with food, the gym, and their body. 


Take their word for it…

Paragon has been the greatest blessing of my life.

“I wish I could scream from the dang rooftops how much this program has done for me.

I’ve never felt better in my 12+ years of fitness. Thank you thank you thank you Paragon!

-Bad*ss momma, Austen Henderson

Paragon has changed me physically and mentally.

“Shout out to the team behind Paragon. I’ve been following the Physique program for about a year. 

Not only has Paragon + the Paragon community changed me physically – but it has transformed my mindset on health and fitness. Read More

Generally, I’ve never looked forward to working out and have done it out of necessity. Now, I look forward to going to gym and seeing a different kind of progress, based on strength and capability. 

I am proud of my body, and I feel strong and confident in the gym. It’s amazing to see what my body and mind are capable of doing.

I celebrated the New Year by climbing a mountain that would have been too scared to climb at any other point in my life. 

Thank you to the Paragon team and this family for the support and constant encouragement!” 

– Adrianna A

Thank you for pushing rest days, to actually fueling your body, a going against the grain of all the craziness we are fed daily.

I’ve been with Paragon for a year and a half. It has been the best thing ever. The left photo was taken a month after my 3rd baby. It was during the lockdown, I had a newborn, 2 toddlers, and a deployed husband.

I was addicted to CrossFit in the most unhealthy ways: “no days off,” working out 2x/day because “more is better” and “weakness work.” I ate according to nutrition templates from a popular nutrition company.

So… basically not eating any food and a very unhealthy relationship with all of it. I was fatigued constantly & had chronic shoulder pain. I actually felt a bit of relief during lockdown because I had wanted to leave CF for a while and it was a great excuse to quietly exit & not return.

I am SO happy I did. I love the Paragon workouts & community, but most of all, I love the freedom. Rest days? PLEASE. Deload weeks? GET ME SOME. I am enjoying working out again. It’s effective, fun, & I’m not always hurting. 

I love seeing gains & not feeling beatdown after every workout. Paragon helped me get through a deployment, postpartum, a lockdown, TWO cross country moves, a major surgery. Read More

Thank you LCK & Bryan creating intentional, fun, & effective workouts!! Thank you for pushing rest days, to eat the food & actually fuel your body, and for going against the grain of all the craziness we are fed daily.

There’s only a 14 lb difference in these photos. Body comp is everything. Eating all the foods is everything. Here’s to 2022, and making it less about me & my looks, and more about enjoying who I am and where I’m at on my journey. Thank you Paragon!”

– Angela K.

Meet Your Soon-to-Be-Coaches

With your membership, you truly get around-the-clock access to founders LCK and Bryan, as well access to all our incredible Paragon coaches. Laurie and Bryan personally touch and respond to every single post that comes through our Members-Only Paragon Community Group. 

Laurie Christine King

Founder and Paragon Boss Lady
Educational Content Queen
15+ Years of Nutrition and Fitness
Instagram: @lauriechristineking

Bryan Boorstein

Programming Expert
14+ Years Fitness Coaching
Instagram: @bryanboorstein

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