At Paragon, we believe that love is love. That color belongs in fitness. That all bodies are good bodies. That if you workout, you are an athlete. That the way you eat/exercise should provide freedom and peace of mind. And that strong, confident, and well-fed looks good on everybody and every body ♥️

Paragon Fitness

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to finding workouts that are fun, effective, and will actually help you work towards your goals… which is why we’re so excited you’re here.

Our workouts and community are truly our pride and joy. 

It has been nothing short of a gift to be able to change the lives of SO many amazing individuals around the globe with our evidence-based workouts, our approach to nutrition and fitness, and to create a safe and supportive space to help our members truly feel free. 

The way you eat and exercise should provide freedom and peace of mind. Your own worst enemy doesn’t have to live between your two ears. And you don’t have to spend your whole life at war with your body. 

In a world that continues to tell people that they’re not enough, to shrink themselves, and to take up less space — Paragon will keep doubling down on helping people take up space and be unapologetically strong, confident, and well-fed. 

Strong really does look good on everybody and every body. 

We hope to see you soon! ❤️

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Olympic Weightlifting Strength and Conditioning

Say hello to the newest specialty cycle! Each day will begin with Olympic Lifting (snatch, clean, jerk), followed by compound exercises (squat, deadlift, etc), and then each day has a “Choose Your Own Adventure” component: you’ll have the choice between conditioning or bodybuilding

This a program for advanced athletes who already have experience in Olympic Lifting (Snatch/Clean and Jerk). This is *NOT* a program for new lifters who are interested in trying Olympic Lifting for the first time

This will be a 15-week training cycle that prioritizes performance (aka getting more proficient at the Olympic Lifts, getting stronger, being able to lift more weight, and hit PR’s). We would not suggest dieting/being in a caloric deficit while on this programming track

Compatible With: Home Gyms, Commercial Gyms, CrossFit Gyms​

Equipment Required: Barbell, Bumper Plates, Dumbbells, Squat Rack, Bench, Pull-up Bar or Rings

4 Days of Training, 3 Rest Days

Physique is our most popular program for those who want to look and feel damn good. Physique is also the best option for those who are burnt out on high-intensity exercise, those dealing with hormone/thyroid/menstrual cycle issues, and also our favorite program for shift workers and pregnant/PP mommas.

Physique will help you get stronger, gain muscle, improve body comp, and hit new lift PR's. It's a bodybuilding and lifting program, so you can expect to see lots of compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench, rows, etc) and bodybuilding accessory work.

Physique is a 60-minute progressive overload program. Training cycles are 12-15 weeks long. You can join at anytime due to our app

Compatible With: Home Gyms, Commercial Gyms, CrossFit Gyms

Equipment Required:
Barbell, Dumbbells, Squat Rack, Bench, Pull-up Bar or Rings. Machines are optional - You do NOT need machines to follow Physique, but you do have the option to use them

2 Upper Body + 2 Lower Body Days, Optional Conditioning Day


DB Physique

DB Physique is a dumbbell-only version of our most popular program: Physique.

We pulled out all the stops on an "at-home" progressive overload program to help everyone build muscle and work towards their goals while working out with minimal equipment from the safety of their home​

We launched this during shutdown... and it was so popular, that members begged we keep it as a permanent workout program. DB Physique takes 60 minutes and training cycles are 12-15 weeks long

Compatible With: Home Gyms, Commercial Gyms, CrossFit Gyms​

Equipment Required:
A minimum of 2-3 Pairs of Dumbbells, Bench

2 Upper Body + 2 Lower Body Days, Optional Conditioning Day​


If you get bored of workouts easily, love high-intensity exercise, or if come from a functional fitness background, this is the program for you.

Paragon contains a little bit of the things you love: Olympic lifting (snatch/clean), barbell complexes, compound movements (squats, deadlifts, bench, etc), functional fitness components (DB snatches, assault bike, rowing, etc), and some conditioning. But Paragon also contains a whole lot of the things you need: like our world-famous style of bodybuilding and lifting guaranteed to help you look/feel damn (hello bicep curls, lateral raises, bench press, hip thrusts, tempo + pause work..)

Paragon is a 60-minute progressive overload program. Training cycles are 6-weeks long. You can join at anytime due to our app.​

Compatible With: Home Gyms, Commercial Gyms, CrossFit Gyms​

Equipment Required:
Barbell, Dumbbells, Squat Rack, Bench, Pull-up Bar or Rings

3 Upper + 2 Lower Body Days, Optional Olympic Lifting Session ​

Quickie workouts are insanely fun and will help you build muscle (without requiring tons of your time or workout equipment)

Quickie workouts take 30 minutes. They're great great for those working out from home, new parents, travel, or just badasses who are short on time

Quickie is also great for those who are beginners/new to lifting. Many people follow Quickie for a few months and then eventually ease into one of our 60-minute programs

Equipment Required:
2-3 Pairs of Dumbbells, Bench

5 sessions per week



Accessory is additional programming that you can add to whatever program or class you already enjoy doing + love following​

Accessory is for those looking to do a little extra work to increase their strength and body comp/physique​

Accessory includes a variety of strength, hypertrophy, and core pieces that you can add to your workouts however you see fit. Also great to combine with running plans. Most people combine follow Accessory in addition to their CrossFit classes

Equipment Required:
Dumbbells, Barbell, Bumper Plates

You'll receive 10 potential pieces (40 pieces/month) to add to your routine per week

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