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As a former marathon runner and CrossFit Regional competitor, it’s safe to say I love working out and pushing my body to the limits.

But I was constantly feeling run down, beat up, and exhausted. At the core of things, I just wanted to look damn good — and despite training for hours on end each week, that wasn’t the case.

When I gave up CrossFit, I was bouncing back from shoulder surgery, overtraining, thyroid dysfunction, hormone issues, and adrenal woes.

I worked closely with Bryan Boorstein to find programming that was conducive to letting my body heal, while also maximizing my physique and appearance.

We quickly realized too much intensity, conditioning, or certain rep schemes while lifting were a hard no.. but we discovered a way of programming that was the best of all worlds.

Paragon Training

The programming was still fun. Still conducive to improving body appearance aesthetics. And still conducive to increasing strength. More importantly – I FELT better, and my sleep quality, sex drive, hunger, mood, and body composition were coming around in a positive way.⁣ That was when we knew we had to share it with the world. ⁣

Healthy, strong, and confident looks good on everyone. And you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to feel good, look great, and live your best life.

Paragon Workout

With Bryan’s extensive background in programming and LCK’s 13+ years of dietetics schooling and experience in coaching nutrition/exercise, we’re effectively taking the confusion out of food + fitness and helping thousands and thousands of people around the globe find better harmony with their body, food, and exercise ♥️ 

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  • Coaching access to our amazing Paragon team for questions regarding scaling, modification, nutrition, mindset, body image, etc.
  • Access to our community group excited to teach you the ropes on how to be strong, well-fed, and more badass
  • Workouts delivered right to your smartphone via our custom app
  • All movements programmed are linked to videos so you know exactly how to properly perform movements

Physique/DB Physique

  • icons8-deadlift-100 Physique is a muscle-building program. It has progressive-overload, repeating movements, + hypertrophy. Cycles are 12-15 weeks long, you can join at any time due to our app.

    Regular Physique requires a full gym set-up. Since a lot of gyms are still closed, you also get a DB-version of the cycle so you can still get strong from the safety of your home.
  • icons8-heart-160 Just 60 minutes a day to get stronger, gain muscle, improve aesthetics, and hit new strength PR's. Physique also has the least conditioning of all our programs, so it's also perfect for those dealing with hormone, thyroid, or menstrual cycle issues.
  • icons8-barbell-160 Equipment Required: Full gym for Physique (DB's, Barbell, Squat Rack, Bench, Pull-up Spot, *Machines (optional)).
    DB Physique = 2-3 pairs of DBs + Bench
  • icons8-calendar-200 2 upper body days, 2 lower body days


  • icons8-cool-100 The program that started it all. Paragon is constantly changing each week and incorporating new movements.

    This is a great program for our people from a functional fitness background that want a little more freedom in their training, but enjoy lifting, doing oly work, and some conditioning/HIIT work.

    This program does not include progressive overload, but does still have very structured upper/lower body splits.
  • icons8-heart-160 For people that want to look and feel damn good in 60 minutes, but enjoy occasionally doing functional fitness movements alongside their squats and bench press (:
  • icons8-bench-press-160 Equipment Required: A full home gym set-up. Dumbbells, Barbell + Plates, Squat Rack, Pull-up Rig, Bench
  • icons8-calendar-200 3 upper body days, 2 lower body days


  • Most dumbbell-only programs revolve mostly around conditioning + HIIT. That style of programming will make you sweat, but won't necessarily efficiently build muscle, nor guarantee a great physique (:
  • icons8-exercise-160 Not everyone has hours to spend working out, so we pulled out all the stops to create a structured 30-minute program that still prioritizes building lean muscle with minimal equipment.
  • icons8-jump-rope-100 Equipment Required: Dumbbells, Bench
  • icons8-calendar-200 4-5 sessions a week​


  • icons8-add-150 Additional programming that can be added to whatever
    program you already enjoy doing & love following.
  • icons8-crossfit-150 Perfect for those looking to do a little extra work to increase their strength and achieve better aesthetics. Accessory includes strength pieces, hypertrophy pieces, and some ab/core specific workouts you can add to your workouts as you see fit.
  • icons8-barbell-160 Equipment Required: Dumbbells, Barbell + Plates
  • icons8-10-100 10 potential training pieces to add to your routine

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