Super affordable, aesthetics-focused online workout programs delivered right to your phone that you can do from anywhere to look and feel damn good in just 30-60 minutes. 

Paragon workout programs are our pride and joy. 

As a former CrossFit Regional competitor, it’s safe to say I loved CrossFit. But CrossFit didn’t necessarily love me. I was constantly feeling run down, beat up, and exhausted. 

At the core of things, I just wanted to look damn good — and despite training for hours on end each week, CrossFit didn’t check that box, either. 

When I gave up CrossFit, I was bouncing back from shoulder surgery, overtraining, hormone issues, and adrenal woes. 

I worked closely with Bryan Boorstein to find programming that was conducive to letting my body heal, while also maximizing my physique and appearance. 

And we found a unique style of programming that accomplished just that. We knew what we had was very special and something that we just HAD to share with others.

While high-intensity modalities like CrossFit, Orange Theory, Spin, & F45 are all super fun, they may or may not give you the body you desire. 

Those modalities can be a great way to get fit, but adrenals and hormones may not dig it in the long-term if food is constantly inadequate or we’re chronically under recovering.

If aesthetics are the goal, bodybuilding and lifting will forever reign king.

You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to feel good, look great, & live your best life. We can’t wait to show you how.

xoxo, -LCK


Are Paragon programs
Right for Me?

Are you:

  • Want to feel good and look great without spending hours in the gym?
  • Feeling overtrained or burnt out on CrossFit, Orange Theory, etc?
  • Struggling with hormone or adrenal woes? (cortisol issues, low testosterone, lack of a menstrual cycle, PCOS, etc)
  • Wanting to be part of an awesome virtual community, have support, & make new friends?
  • Wanting virtual coaching access from Bryan Boorstein & LCK?
  • On a tight budget?

You’ll love our remote programs!

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Our Workout Programs:


  • Our bread and butter. Paragon is our most popular remote program that everyone raves about
  • Aesthetics-focused programming so you can feel good and look great
  • 3 Upper body days, 2 lower body days,
  • 60-75 minute long sessions
  • $35/month


  • For badass individuals who don't have hours to spend in the gym
  • Limited on equipment? No problem. All you need for a Quickie is a jump rope & two pairs of dumbbells (lighter and heavier).
  • 4-5 sessions a week
  • 20-30 minutes sessions
  • $24/month


  • Accessory program to be used in addition to whatever program you already enjoy and love following
  • 3 Strength/Skill sessions, and 7 Hypertrophy, Bodybuilding, or Aesthetic-Focused sessions - For a total of 10 potential pieces to add to your training routine however you see fit!
  • 10-15 minute long sessions
  • $19/month

All Programs

  •  Access to our badass Facebook community group
  • Coaching access to Bryan & LCK to ask questions regarding workouts or nutrition
  • Weekly Facebook lives and regular virtual nutrition workshops
  • Conveniently accessible right on your smartphone via Wodify App
  • Can be done in a home gym, CrossFit gym, or Globo gym

What Paragon Members Are Saying

Community & Support are key elements to ensure your success along the way. 

Some of the exercise movements may be new to you. No sweat, we gotcha covered! We have a private Facebook for just that.

The Paragon Facebook page is a forum where you can connect with others in the community, ask questions about nutrition, movements, or how to properly scale.

Need to double check form on a movement?

Make sure to follow @paragonperformancetraining on Instagram – We have demo videos with some quick tips on regularly programmed movements. We will also link to YouTube videos in Wodify so that you can get the most benefit from each of the programmed exercises!

the wodify app makes it easy to access training right from your phone.

If you’ve never used Wodify, you’re in a for a treat!

Access the programming right from an easy-to-use phone app.

You’re able to view a full week of programming whenever you please as we understand life gets crazy and requires flexability.

“This past year, I swallowed a big slice of humble pie as I finally had to come to terms with the fact that while I loved competitive exercise, it didn’t love me, nor did it give the aesthetics I was truly seeking.

Trying to bounce back from shoulder surgery, overtraining, and super wrecked hormones and adrenals was miserable.

But it put us in a position to share what we learned and allowed us to create a community of people that we are confident we can help. Paragon programming changed my life and I’m so excited to see it doing the same for hundreds of people already.”


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