2022 Summer Hypertrophy Cycle

Aug 1, 2022 | Program Cycles

2022 Summer Hypertrophy Cycle

Aug 1, 2022 | Program Cycles

Say hello to the brand new 12-Week Physique Hypertrophy Cycle!

Strength & Metabolic Cycles not really your thing? No sweat. We’re here to give the people what they want! Enter the summer Hypertrophy Cycle.

Hypertrophy (“muscle building”) cycles are the perfect choice for anyone chasing fat loss, eating in a surplus to gain muscle, as well as any of our pregnant/PP mommas. We also love this cycle for anyone that just isn’t feeling so hot and needs to take a step back to focus on improving health, hormones, and stress levels.

New Training Cycles Begin Every 6 Weeks For Physique:

The Quick & Dirty About Hypertrophy:

  • 60-75 minute sessions. Training cycle = 6 weeks long
  • 4x/week Training with 1 Optional Conditioning Day (Saturday) 
  • Lower Body/Upper Body/Rest/Lower Body/Upper Body/Optional Conditioning Day/Rest
  • Parts A and B repeat week-to-week on each day

Equipment Required:

  • Barbell, Dumbbells, Squat Rack, Bench, Machines, Cable Machines Optional

Sample Days from Hypertrophy:

*In our app, there are video demos for every movement

Further Program Details:

Hey Paragon Fam, Bryan Boorstein here – Welcome to the 12-Week Summer 2022 Hypertrophy Cycle!

This will be a 12-week cycle consisting of:
Pre-cycle Intro/Deload week
5-week progressive building phase (mesocycle 1)
Mid-cycle Deload week
5-week progressive building phase (ramp to testing) (mesocycle 2)


After you complete the final week in the first 5-week build and the subsequent deload week, you will return to the “higher” rep ranges. The objective is to make it slightly more difficult than you did the prior 5-week period for the same rep targets. This can be accomplished by adding weight OR increasing reps while keeping the same weight.

Weeks 1-6: 
100-120-140-160-180 Deload
Weeks 7-12: 105-125-145-165-185

Proximity to Failure (How Hard Should I Be Working?):

First, let’s define failure: We should assume that taking a set to failure means that you can no longer perform a rep with the same technique. This does NOT mean that you contort your body to achieve another rep. That would be considered “beyond failure” because the intended musculature is no longer the one moving the weight. Your first rep should look the exact same as your last rep, just a slower grind through the concentric portion of the rep.

We like to begin each 4-week progressive building phase (mesocycle) with approximately 2-3 reps “in reserve” (shy of failure) or “2-3 reps left in the tank.” Meaning a weight that you *could* complete 5 reps but instead, stop at 3 reps.

This format allows you to confidently progress reps or load week to week with the intention that you will reach 0-1 reps from failure by the final week before deload. The cool thing about this model is that you get a sense of assessment at the end of each 4-week period and you can accurately see whether the training, nutrition, and lifestyle you are living is “working.”

We *know* through research that you get the same hypertrophy with 2-3 reps shy of failure as you do going to failure (and potentially better strength gains). As a result, we find it prudent to enjoy these earlier weeks, shy of failure, as we prepare for the progressively harder training ahead.

Ramp-up Sets and Rest Periods Between Sets:

In this training structure, we’ve determined that the reps decrease week to week. Therefore, the number of ramp-up sets needed will also change as the weeks go by.

For higher rep work, like sets of 12-15 reps, you may only need 1-2 ramp-up sets. This is because the total weight you need to reach for the “work sets” isn’t very high. However, as the reps decrease (into the 5-8 range), and the weights get heavier, you will need additional progressive sets to reach your top weight for many of the movements.  Rest periods are ALWAYS important.

Remember our general guidelines for rest periods at Paragon:
Compound Lower Body Movements (squat, deadlift, etc) = 2-3+ minutes
Compound Upper Body Movements (bench, bent over row, etc)= 2+ minutes
Isolation work (arms, lateral raises etc) = 60-90 seconds

We’re super excited for this Hypertrophy Cycle and hope you are too!

Physique and DB Physique continue to be our most popular programs at Paragon and we love seeing our members hit PRs, get stronger, feel great, and feel more comfortable in their skin.

Remember: Deload week begins Monday 8/1/22, so that’s when we’ll be starting the party!

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