2022 Summer Paragon Cycle

Jun 6, 2022 | Program Cycles

2022 Summer Paragon Cycle

Jun 6, 2022 | Program Cycles

Paragon is for our people who love CrossFit, high-intensity workouts, and/or get bored of workouts easily. All the variety, all the strength training, Olympic Weightlifting, kipping gymnastics, bodybuilding, and conditioning.

New Training Cycles Begin Every 6 Weeks for Paragon:

The Quick & Dirty About Paragon:

  • 60-75 min workouts
  • 4 lift days a week
  • Optional 5th day (hop in a class at your gym, hit a 3rd upper body day, or hit an Olympic Weightlifting session)

This Program is For Those:

  • Coming from a CrossFit/functional fitness background/group fitness classes
  • Who love high-intensity exercise, a high heart rate, and getting sweaty
  • Who get bored of workouts easily and love variety in their workouts
  • Who love Olympic weightlifting, strength training, and kipping gymnastics movements
  • Who are feeling burnt out and want to workout in a way that gives them the best of all worlds: a great body comp, constantly varied workouts, and also workouts that leave them feeling GREAT

Equipment Required: 

  • Barbell, dumbbells, squat rack, bench, way to do cardio (rower, bike, ski erg, jump rope…)

Programming Includes:

  • Compound lifts, bodybuilding, Olympic Weightlifting, kipping gymnastics, conditioning, and metcons

The Program That Started It All:

Paragon is the OG workout program that started it all. Although you have access to a variety of amazing programs from us present day, the first year we were in business, Paragon was actually the only program we offered.

Back in 2017, I was coming back from shoulder surgery, year of under-eating and over-training, and feeling pretty beat down and burnt out on high-intensity exercise. My health and hormones were a mess, and I was also pretty unhappy with how my physique and body composition looked (given how time I spent working out and how much time I spent tracking my macros and weighing/measuring my food ).

When Bryan and I started working together, I still wanted to lift heavy and obviously still wanted to have fun… but I wanted to find a more sustainable way to work out and live life so that I could feel great, look great, and not chronically feel broken and beatdown. And thus: Paragon was born. When I started feeling great and looking amazing, we knew we were onto something and had to share it with the world (:

Definitely, no argument from Bryan or I, CrossFit and group fitness classes can be super fun. I have so much love for the sport between competing at CrossFit Regionals in 2016, years of coaching for CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar Staff, and years of coaching and managing multiple gyms. Bryan actually still owns CrossFit Pacific Beach and has quite the tenure in the space – between owning a gym, coaching, and programming for years, and also taking multiple individuals and teams to Regionals and the CrossFit Games.

But not all CrossFit Gyms and CrossFit programming are created equal. And your gym may or may not have your specific goals or desires in mind. There’s typically a divide in the CrossFit community, as there are those who aim to train and perform at the competitive level and utilize CrossFit as a sport.. and then there’s more of the general population where we see a variety of goals: wanting to lose weight, gain muscle and hit lift PR’s, find a better body composition, improve health and cardiovascular health, and so on.

Programming for workouts is up to the gym or community owner, so programming and workouts can vary greatly gym-to-gym. There are also very minimal requirements to be a CrossFit affiliate owner, as the owner simply has to attend a weekend-long certification known as the CrossFit L1. There’s no requirement for continuing education – though certainly we obviously hope coaches and gym owners strive to soak up as much information and educational courses and certifications as possible.

All this to say: there are really great workouts being programmed at CrossFit Gyms… and equal parts not to so much. So the programming at your gym may or may not align with your goals, it may or may not be good programming, and/or the programming may not be backed by the latest science and research available.

You could think of our Paragon program as of our twist/our take on functional fitness & what we wish workouts looked like for those with no desire to compete at a high level. Most people want the best of all worlds: to feel great, to lose body fat, to gain muscle and see lift PR’s, and most importantly — to have fun. So we made a program (that’s evidence-based and backed by science) that could accomplish just that.

Paragon Encompasses:

  • Lots of strength training and foundational lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench, pull-ups, etc)
  • Lots and lots of bodybuilding and accessory work (to help you look d*mn good)
  • Lots of tempo work and single arm/single leg work so we’re hitting all the big and little muscle groups, correcting strength imbalances between sides of the body, and hopefully helping keep injuries at bay
  • Some kipping gymnastics and functional fitness movements (KB Swings, DB Snatches, Turkish Get-ups…)
  • Most days end with some sort of conditioning, HIIT, or metcon-like pieces… but we put emphasis on quality movement and moving well with intention (moreso than what you might see in the industry of people working out for time and lifting as fast as humanly possible, redlining yourself for reps, etc. We don’t want you to end your workouts rolling around the floor. We want you to work hard, move well, and leave the gym feeling amazing)

Cycle Deets:

Paragon Co-founder Bryan Boorstein here with some insight into the OG Paragon training cycle for early summer 2022.

As usual, the cycle will be complete with a mix of bodybuilding and strength work, combined with Oly lifting, metabolic circuits, and gymnastics. I want to discuss the REPEATING MOVEMENTS in more detail and delve into some discussion around progression for each.


A. 8 Minutes:
Alternate at top of each min
Each for 6-8 Reps

Min 1: Incline DB Bench Press
Min 2: Hang Power Cleans

Once you can achieve 8 Reps on ALL SETS, you would increase the weight on that movement the following week. Inevitably, the earlier sets will be easier, and the fatigue should accumulate so that you are working within 1-3 reps from failure on the final set.

At around the 3 or 4 week mark, there will probably be a slight increase in volume, going to 10 minutes instead of 8 minutes for the alternating sequence. Reps may also decrease at one point throughout the cycle (to coordinate with an increase in load).


A. Complex:
Back Rack Lunge + Back Squat

2-3 warm-up sets
2 work sets of:
12 Lunges + 12 Back Squats

The 12 Lunges + 12 Back squats is the protocol for week 1. Each week, we will see the total reps decrease, which should be coordinated with an increase in weight. The FINAL WEEK will be 4 Lunges (2/leg) + 4 Back Squats.

It would be a prudent move to follow the designated “reps from failure” in the earlier weeks on this complex. It will make it more difficult to increase weight and work towards your potential if you are going too close to failure too early. Remember 3-4 reps shy in week 1!


A. Alternate Movements:
2-3 warm-up sets each, then:
3 work sets x 8-10 Reps

A1. Push-ups OR Dips
Rest 1-2 min to A2

A2. Bentover DB Rows
Rest 1-2 min back to A1

There’s nothing too exciting about this sequence; just good old fashioned hypertrophy work, meant to build strength and increase muscle in your push and pull movements. The reps won’t decrease much throughout the cycle, because these two movements aren’t really conducive to working below 5-6 reps.

For progression, I really like the idea of increasing weight anytime the FIRST set hits 10 reps. It’s ok if the other ones don’t. We just use the first set as a benchmark, then assume reps will fall on the other sets (maybe 10-9-8 would be a realistic result across three sets).


A. Squat Clean Thruster
8 sets:
Reps 3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1
Increase weight each set

This movement is going to be really fun to implement and progress week to week!

There will be a note in the programming, but essentially, you will want to start WEEK 1 with the FINAL SINGLE REP being a weight you *could* do 4 reps with. This of course also makes all the prior “build up” sets easier, as it works down the stream.

Each week as you look to increase the weight of the top single rep, the other prior sets will increase slightly in unison. Due to all the technical practice (8 sets per week), that’s gonna be 48 total sets you’ve done by the end of the cycle. Proficiency should be high, and you should hit some solid PR’s!

Sample Day From Paragon:

*In our app, movements have links to movement videos and our Youtube channel












What Members Are Saying About Our Much-Adored Paragon Program:

“A year ago, a friend first introduced me to Paragon. Coming off years of CrossFit, not really taking rest days, and definitely not eating enough food, my body definitely needed the change and it felt so good to slow down. I was building out my home gym and working out from my garage, but wanted to continue still getting strong, obviously still have fun, but do a better job of taking care of my body rather than keep running myself into the floor.

And of course wanted to continue looking strong and athletic! Prior to Paragon, I was doing CrossFit 5x/week, also lifting 3x/week, mayyyybe getting 1 rest day (if any) per week, and eating ~2,100 calories. I’m still working out 5 days a week via Paragon, but now getting 2 total rest days per week and also happily eating ~2,600 calories a day. I’ve gained so much muscle and never looked stronger or more athletic!

But the real transformation has definitely been the internal growth and mindset changes: understanding why my body needs more rest, why my body needs (and deserves more food), and so on. One of the best things about Paragon is also that there is literally a training cycle and program for everyone —  whether you just wanna get strong, want time for other training pursuits, are on time restraints or want more of a hybrid training set up. Don’t like one cycle or decide to change up your goals? Thank you Paragon for changing my life!” — Natalie Garber

“Coming from CrossFit, I wasn’t so sure about following a more bodybuilding-focused program. However, I tried Paragon and it was way more than just that and I’m so glad I made the leap!

I was always under the impression that bodybuilding was boring, and these workouts have been anything but! The bodybuilding and strength training portions taught me to slow down and improve the quality of my movement. There are also still things like EMOM’s and AMRAP’s in the workouts that just plain FUN!

I’m not dying and crushing my soul every workout (like I used to), but I’m getting stronger, having fun, and also now focusing on more quality quality movement. I no longer have chronic hip pain any longer, and I still have energy afterward to play with my kids. It’s been a transition mentally, but one that I’m absolutely grateful for. Thanks Paragon!”
— Kati Hammons

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