2022 Summer DB Quickie Cycle

Jun 11, 2022 | Program Cycles

2022 Summer DB Quickie Cycle

Jun 11, 2022 | Program Cycles

DB Quickie is our 30-minute DB-Only program. You’ll need 2-3 pairs of DB’s and 30 minutes to have some fun!

New Training Cycles Begin Every 6 Weeks for DB Quickie:

The Quick & Dirty About DB Quickie:

  • 30-min workouts
  • 4 lift days per week
  • Optional 5th Conditioning Day

This Program is for Those:

  • Brand new to lifting and strength training
  • Who are short on time / in a busy season of life
  • Who are traveling or working out from home or with limited gym equipment

Equipment Required: 

  • A minimum of 2-3 pairs of dumbbells  (a pair of light/medium/heavy for you would be great start. Ex: pairs of 10’s/20’s/30’s)

Programming Includes:

  • Compound lifts, bodybuilding, bodyweight movements, conditioning/HIIT/metcon

When Workouts Only Take 30-Minutes, There’s Always Time To “Get It In”:

Way back in the day, Quickie was the second addition to our Paragon Training Methods programming line-up. Although present-day, Paragon members have access to a variety of different workout programs, when we first founded PTM, we actually only had one program: our Paragon program. Paragon caught like wildfire and was absolutely life-changing so much fun — but workouts take 60-75 minutes, and we quickly learned that not everyone has that much time to devote to working out and/or being in the gym. Not everyone has access to tons of equipment at their gym or has the funds to deck out a complete home gym, so 30-Min DB Quickie was our solution for a variety of people: those working out from home, those traveling and on the road, those in a busy stage of life or new parents, and also those who are new to lifting and strength training.

If we’ve never lifted a weight in our life and are brand new to strength training and the gym, it might be super overwhelming to join a 60-75 minute program, especially given that we’d need to watch all the demo videos, get familiar with all then workout and fitness terminology, and also need to figure out and learn all the new movements. Since DB Quickie is 30-minutes, that means less movements to learn. We always encourage those new to strength training to start with DB Quickie, and then in a few months, as they’re feeling more confident and familiar with our workouts and programming, they could hop to one of our amazing 60-minute programs, if they wanted.

While DB Quickie can be done in a gym or at home, it’s also worth mentioning that not all at-home // DB-workouts are created equal. Remember that first week of shutdown when we saw the fitness industry spamming workouts that encompass eleventy-billion reps and a thousand burpees? There can also sometimes be this connotation that “at-home” or “DB-only” workouts aren’t “as good” as workouts with a barbell, etc. As always, that’s not necessarily true and not all programming is created equally.

As always, this is where Paragon Founder and Programming Expert Bryan Boorstein really shines: he loves nerding out over the latest science and research and loves getting creative and doubling down on how to help people maximize their results and get incredible workouts, regardless of how much equipment they do or don’t have. DB Quickie workouts are quick but insanely fun and insanely effective. And you can still look great, feel great, and get strong — regardless of where you’re working out from and even if you only have a few pairs of dumbbells.

Sample Days From DB Quickie:

*In our app, movements have links to movement videos and our Youtube channel

What Members Are Saying About Our Quickie Program:

  • “I started with Quickie because I was in a healing phase after a pretty bad flare up with my ulcerative colitis. I couldn’t CrossFit anymore, an high intensity workouts was just too much for my body at the time, but I knew I needed to move it somehow. We were also deadsmack in the middle of the shutdown due to the COVID19 pandemic and gyms were closed, but I had dumbbells! So I decided to try the DB Quickie and really loved it! Only being 30-minutes allowed me to slowly ease back into working out. I moved at my own pace, with weight I felt comfortable at, and found lots of the movements challenging but doable. In just 30 minutes a day, I got a great workout. Fast forward to today, I love Quickie for when I’m short on time and need to get in a quick and fun workout that has me feeling it in all the right places. Thank you Paragon!” — Maria Carmela Martens
  • “After having my daughter, I started with DB Quickie workouts because it was all I had time for. It made me realize what a great workout you can get in, in a short period of time! I loveeeee the Quickie program and for me it’s what made me fall in love with Paragon Training Methods. Now that she’s older and I have more free time to workout, I’m following the 60-minute Physique program, but I still love Quickie for those days when life with my family are busy!” — Janie Ippolito
  • “I work 40+ hours a week at my full time job, plus run my own business on the side in my free time. The DB Quickie workouts have allowed me freedom and time. Time to get my workouts in and the ability to succeed at being consistent. Enough variety that I am never bored. I always feel good, get a great workout in, and still feel like I’m gaining muscle and improving my fitness.” — Amanda Zeamer

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