Gym Tips Short on Time

4 Gym Tips When You’re Short On Time

Short on time, but want to maximize the gym? Whether you’re trying to squeeze in a workout over your lunch break or life is just BUSY, we’ve ALL been there when we don’t have much time but we’re trying to make some lemonade out of some time-restricted lemons (:

Our Best Time-Saving Gym Tips

Maximize your gym time with these 4 gym tips!

#1 Put Your Phone In Airplane Mode

There’s literally no easier way to get distracted than by texts, work emails, or social media. Turn it off and focus on your programming, then catch up on everything during a cool-down walk (:

#2 Rest Less Between Lifts

If you’re supposed to rest for 2-3 minutes, maybe drop it to 1-2 minutes. You might need to lift lighter weights since you’ll be resting for shorter periods between sets.

#3 Superset Movements

Perform your movements back to back without any rest in between. You could also try combining programming sets together by performing one lift, resting a minute, then performing the next lift.

#4 Walk Around Between Sets

Use your rest periods to your advantage by racking up some additional steps/NEAT for the day.

Other Ideas That Might Help Maximize Your Gym Time

  • Get Moving, and Fast: probs no time for a lengthy warm-up. Hop on a bike, rower, or ski erg for a few min, hit a few quick stretches, and then get to gettin’ (:
  • Prioritize Compound Lifts and Repeating Movements: compound lifts = lifts that hit more than one muscle group. For example, squats, deadlifts, rows, bench, etc.
  • Do Less, Better: the best workouts are usually the ones you enjoy doing and can do consistently. If struggling with being consistent, consider dropping the barrier to entry right now and committing to a shorter program.

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If following good workouts (like ours at @paragontrainingmethods) that have progressive overload, the first 1-2 lifts each day are the “meat and potatoes” of the programming to prioritize, as they’re the repeating movements we’re trying to progress and make progress in.

Speaking of being short on gym time… check out the new 45-Min Physique program we just released! We also have three DB-Only workout programs you could do from home (so you don’t have to drive to/from the gym).

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