8-Week Clean Cycle (Nov 15 – Jan 15)

Hey Paragon Fam!

Paragon Founder LCK here. We have a REALLY awesome opportunity to partner with an amazing nonprofit, Trinity Athletics, here in Dallas, Texas.

On January 15th, Trinity Athletic’s annual Lift Off will take place to raise money for underprivileged youth so that kids of Texas can get access to functional fitness classes and nutrition education. The founder of Trinity Athletics is one of my dear long-time friends, and the work they’re doing is absolutely incredible.

Given that “color belongs is fitness” is one of Paragon’s core values and beliefs, we couldn’t be more excited to hop in on a fun cause and help raise money to support kids being active, healthy, and falling in love with movement and fitness.

Paragon Programming Expert, Bryan Boorstein has put together an 8-week clean progression program that can be added on to whichever program you’re already following. The programming will take about ~20-30 minutes, 2x/week and encompasses programming to help you improve your power/squat clean.

This will put you right on track to max out your clean and hit an awesome lift number on January 15th for the Trinity Athletics Lift Off (:

*** We will put our usual disclaimer that if you elect to follow the 8-Week Clean Accessory Program, please prioritize lots of food, lots of sleep, and make sure you’re smashing 2-3 rest days (:

Sign-Up for the January 15th Lift Off:

You can sign up (for free) for the Lift-Off by clicking here.

Make sure to select “Paragon Training Methods” as your team during sign-up.

Here’s how it works:

You register for the Lift Off. You then share your unique link with anyone who might support fitness and leadership programs for kids in North Texas. They can pledge to donate an amount for every pound you lift (for example: $1 per pound), or a set amount (like $50). If they choose the pledge-per-pound option, and you clean 150 lbs, they’d then donate $150 to the Trinity Lift-Off. Easy peasy!

Program Details:

Prior to starting this 8-week cycle, you’ll need test your 1-Rep Max Clean in the manner you will be performing during in the program (i.e. Squat Clean or Power Clean).

See this post for guidance on how to properly warm up and work to a 1-Rep Max

It is very important that this 1-RM is a CONFIDENT lift with QUALITY execution. If you barely make the lift and doubt that you could make it at least 85-90% of the time, you will be setting yourself up for failure in the next 8 weeks.

YOU MUST BASE PERCENTAGES OFF OF A “MAX WEIGHT” THAT IS BOTH CURRENT AND CONSISTENT. DO NOT use your ALL-TIME max, unless this max is current, and repeatable. Most PR’s are NOT consistent (hence “PR”) so it would be best to ensure you use a max number that you can make with confidence.

One thing that I try to engrain into all my athletes, is the notion of AVOIDING FAILED REPS. This is the key to success in any “skill based” pursuit. This will instill the proper motor patterns into the movement. When you fail, you crush your confidence, and more importantly, you PRACTICE IMPROPER MOVEMENT. My basketball coach used to always say “practice doesn’t make perfect – PERFECT practice makes perfect, and bad practice just makes bad habits permanent.”

We do not want to make bad habits permanent – so PLEASE DO NOT exceed the listed percentages. Wait till testing week to push the limits, and just focus on QUALITY movement every day of training.

Reminder that all the Olympic work is with a full reset of hips at the bottom of each rep. Nothing is touch and go. The rest between reps for all doubles and triples should not exceed 10 seconds. So, if you do a triple, complete the rep, drop the bar, reset hips, and immediately go again. Rest 2-3+ minutes between SETS.

Most of the programming days will encompass Cleans, Hang Cleans, Clean Shrugs, Front Squats, etc. How you incorporate this into your programming will depend on which program you’re following. We’d suggest spacing out the 2 programming days over the course of the week and try to avoid doing them back-to-back. You’ll likely want to complete the work on lower body days BEFORE that day’s programming.

Meaning if you’re following Physique, on lower body day, complete the Clean Work before moving onto Physique.

**** You will find both programming days for the week (2 days total) on MONDAY within the app. Since the percentages and complexes are always different each day and each week, we did not enable lift tracking within our app. We’d suggest keeping a physical notepad or start a “note” thread in your phone if you wish. But remember, no real reason to record these since we’re actually going off percentages each day. Thus you’ll take your 1RM and then calculate your percentages each day that you’ll be lifting.