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How to Implement accessory & Important Details about Programming Structure

The program will include:
2 Core Pieces, 3 Strength or Skill sessions, & 5 Hypertrophy, Bodybuilding, or Aesthetic-Focused sessions.

*Try to complete Strength/Skill sessions PRIOR to the CrossFit class and Aesthetic work AFTER the class.

If both must be conducted at the same time, ALWAYS start with the Strength/Skill portion and finish with the Aesthetic part.

If there is a day that you want to do two aesthetic sessions and no strength work, that’s totally fine!

If one day you do the strength portion, then finish class and feel crushed; skip the aesthetic work and add it another day.

We could even make a full day of “accessory” work. Do 1-2 strength lift and 2-3 aesthetic lifts, and we’ve got ourselves a solid day of training!

** If following the Accessory program, all of the programming each week will be under MONDAY (so you don’t have to click back and forth through the entire week), so don’t forget to change the date in Wodify if seeing “No WOD Found” when logging in.

How to choose which movements to pair with different days of class programming

Most class programming will be intelligent enough to avoid training the exact same movement patterns in back to back days.

The below information assumes that your class programming is semi-intelligent and allows areas of the body to recover if targeted with a high volume of work the prior day (i.e. the program shouldn’t follow a high volume overhead pressing day with a bunch of HSPU the next day).

If the class has scheduled a lower body dominant training session, we should pick accessory movements that are also lower body.

This will ensure additional work for the target muscles that day, and allow the other muscles to rest up for the next training day.
If the class has a more upper body dominant day scheduled, we should pick upper-body focused accessory movements.

However, if we are taking a rest day the next day, we have much more freedom and can pair whichever movements we want with our class workout and avoid negative consequences.

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