“I knew I always wanted kids and wanted to be a mom, but selfish reasons stopped me for so long. I was TERRIFIED of what it would do to my body.

Seeing my body change during pregnancy was NOT easy, and the fear of what this would do to my body crossed my mind constantly.

But I continued to eat as healthy as I could, followed Paragon Training Methods 4 days/week and an added day of cardio (because I enjoy it). And boy, am I thankful for this program! It kept me going and kept my body strong!!!

In labor, I pushed for 2 hrs and my baby boy was NOT coming out… After we met him and saw how big he was/how big his head was, we understood why he wasn’t moving, haha. After those 2 long grueling hours, I had to have a c-section (something I wanted to avoid so much). But it was all worth it when we met our little guy.

Fast forward to today, 5 days postpartum and I am feeling amazing!


I have gained so much more appreciation for it. Usually, recovery from a c-section is longer, but I honestly feel great. I am able to move, walk, bend, go upstairs, and pick things up. I have very minimal pain. I consider myself very fortunate, but I know a lot of this is owed to the Paragon program for keeping my body strong as hell and preparing it for this new journey of life!!!!

Now for 4-6 weeks of resting and enjoying learning my new man and embracing endless snuggles and baby kisses from him. And remembering to love and thank my body every day for what it does for me!

Will it be hard to not work out and lift for that long? 100%! (hello longest rest period of my life) But with this new appreciation for my body and outlook on it, I think this resting time will be easier than I thought it would be.

And I will be SO ready to start back up, nice and slow when I can, so I can continue to do for my body what it does for me.

Thank you LCK and Bryan. Thank you to all the wonderful Paragon coaches and supportive/amazing Paragon members.

To my soon-to-be mamas: keep doing what you’re doing! You got this and you are amazing!”

Paragon Athlete and Badass New Momma, Amanda W
? @amandajwitherow

LCK and Bryan from Paragon Training Methods

Paragon's Story

“They say the best companies from solving a problem. Paragon Training Methods started w/ solving mine.”

– Paragon Founder, LCK 

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