“Flex Friday from the beach.

Feeling damn strong and confident for the first time in my life ever, thanks to Paragon Training Methods and a lot of hard work on my mindset.

6 months of Physique and I’m stronger than I have ever been. I feel so grateful for what my body can do, which empowers me to love how I look.

My teenage nieces are with me, and listening to how much they struggle with body image and self-love makes me sad, which motivated me to teach them how to feel strong and confident. I would never be here if it wasn’t for this group.

Sending all the good vibes to my Paragon family today. So grateful for these workouts and this community! Thank you for changing my body, mind, and life!”

Paragon Athlete, Ashlee R
? @hey_rea10

LCK and Bryan from Paragon Training Methods

Paragon's Story

“They say the best companies from solving a problem. Paragon Training Methods started w/ solving mine.”

– Paragon Founder, LCK 

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