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Cardio/Lift is for our people who love lifting, doing cardio, getting sweaty, and getting out of breath. You can choose any type of cardio you like for this program: run, swim, bike, row, Peloton, etc.

New Training Cycles Begin Every 6 Weeks for Cardio/Lift:

The Quick & Dirty About Cardio/Lift:

  • 60-75 min sessions
  • 5 days per week
    • 3 lifting days (an upper, a lower, and a full-body)
    • 2 cardio days of your choice
  • Progressive overload training program

4 Options for Cardio Days:

  • Fast & fun interval/sprint work
  • Steady-state / longer endurance work (3-6 miles depending on what part of the cycle we’re in)
  • Sub in endurance/race/marathon training
  • Participate in a Peloton class

This program is extremely versatile as you can run, swim, row, ski erg, bike, Peloton, etc, on your cardio days.

Equipment Required: 

  • Dumbbells
  • Barbell
  • Squat rack
  • Bench
  • Optional machines/cable machines
  • Resistance bands

A Note From Paragon Founder, LCK

Our Cardio/Lift program is kinda like a good wine, it just keeps better and better with time. Hybrid initially started as a specialty program… and then it sweet-talked its way into a permanent position in our program line-up.

The thing about bodybuilding and lifting is that it grants us a strong/athletic-looking physique. If we look at bikini and physique shows where people get judged on their aesthetics and body composition – no one is primarily running or swimming or biking their way to the stage, they’re concentrating their efforts on bodybuilding and lifting to shape and sculpt their body.

Reversely, running and similar cardio outputs can be incredibly fun, especially if we’re able to get outside and enjoy amazing views and scenery, and sunshine while we do it. But especially if we’re into strength training and lifting heavy… you likely desire to look super fit, strong, and athletic. Your body is typically going to look like what you do and how you train… and you may or may not be into the “look” that comes with long-distance endurance training or similar cardio modalities.

While previous versions of Hybrid were mostly focused on helping build up your aerobic capacity and be an incredible runner (who lifts) or simply to help you juggle lifting + your preferred cardio (such as spin class or your Peloton bike), Bryan and I decided to double down on what we do best at Paragon by shifting the programming to solve a really common desire: to let people do cardio, lift, AND look damn good while they do it. You know, have your (cardio) cake and eat it, too.

Have A Cardio Program You Love?

As mentioned, this is a super versatile program to make your own. We want to support you in your endeavors (whether that’s a 5k, a half marathon, riding your Peloton, etc), so think of this program as a template to use as a guideline to make your own. Feel free to hit one or both of our programmed cardio days OR sub in your own cardio training. We also recognize that individuals love hitting group classes, riding their spin bike, doing Peloton classes, etc. Feel free to sub in those classes on the cardio days as well!

As always, we recommend making sure that you are getting in 2 rest days per week at minimum. Recovery is the secret sauce and vital to positive adaptation (whether that’s fat loss, muscle gain, or improving performance…). Train hard, rest harder = where the magic happens

If you are training for a long-distance run/race, you may need to do cardio 3 days a week, rather than 2 days a week (like in this program) – totally fine! If you intend to do 3 days a week, this would leave us with 2 days to lift. We would suggest picking the full body day and combining the upper/lower repeating movements for your second day.

Cardio/Lift vs. 4-Day Physique

Physique is our most popular program and encompasses 4 lift days: 2 upper body days + 2 lower body days. Cardio/Lift encompasses 3 lift days so that we have room for 2 cardio days + 2 total rest days. As a result, Hybrid will have Physique’s upper body day, lower body day, and then the third lift day will be a full body day (where we combine the second upper/lower day from Physique into one training session for Cardio/Lift).

The upper and lower body lifting days are mirrors of the Physique program, with one main exception: There will be a short circuit style “metabolic” portion at the end of each lifting day in lieu of Physiques D-E-F accessory movements. The “full body” training day is a combination of the final two days of Physique (with the inclusion of that metabolic portion at the end). 

Each lifting day consists of “repeating” movements that we are trying to progress over the course of the cycle. These are usually parts A and B, but they may vary slightly from cycle to cycle. These are the lifts that will stay the same throughout the entire cycle and be tracked week-to-week and progressed. So for example, if we open a cycle and squat 150 during week 1, we would hope to progress that movement and be lifting much more than that by the end of the cycle (:

Sample Workouts

*In our app, movements will have links to movement videos and our Youtube Channel

New Training Cycles Begin Every 6 Weeks for Cardio/Lift:

LCK and Bryan from Paragon Training Methods

Paragon's Story

“They say the best companies from solving a problem. Paragon Training Methods started w/ solving mine.”

– Paragon Founder, LCK 

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