“I joined DB Physique in March when lockdown began, and then on to a mix of Physique and DB Physique depending on equipment at home.

Calories have gone from an awful 1300 to 2300 and I am planning to maintain here so I will be eating all the food for the foreseeable future (and very happy to!) #strongxwellfed LCK’s nutrition ebook was absolutely life-changing, as were all the posts and members in the community group, especially when times were tough.

2020 lockdown, not seeing family/friends, miscarriage, working from home stresses… But I’ve NEVER felt better in my body and never felt as strong!!

I don’t have a “before” picture, but here’s my “end of the cycle” pic!

Thank you for the unbelievable programming and this amazing group!”

Paragon Member, Edel M
? @mantonedel

LCK and Bryan from Paragon Training Methods

Paragon's Story

“They say the best companies from solving a problem. Paragon Training Methods started w/ solving mine.”

– Paragon Founder, LCK 

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