“I just finished up my first Physique cycle ever after following the OG Paragon program for a year. At 5 months postpartum, I’m feeling so incredibly good!

I am so in awe of this body which carried my baby for 9 months, birthed her naturally, and is slowly getting strong again after dedication to these workouts and good nutrition.

I know this is said a lot here, but I seriously will NEVER go back to killing myself in group fitness and CrossFit classes.

I’ve been working out for 5-ish years and this is the best I’ve ever looked or felt. Thank you Paragon for your amazing workouts and online community, you just keep getting better for me!”

? Paragon Momma Emma S

LCK and Bryan from Paragon Training Methods

Paragon's Story

“They say the best companies from solving a problem. Paragon Training Methods started w/ solving mine.”

– Paragon Founder, LCK 

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