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Frequently Asked Questions

“Paragon” = the pursuit of excellence, or something that is the very best (:

Paragon Training Methods = life-changing workouts that will help you build muscle, get strong, and look DAMN good.

You’ll subscribe to 1 of 3 of workout bundles based on equipment and where you’re working out (Full Gym, Home Gym/Gym Without Machines, or With DB-Only).

Each bundle has 3-4 programs to choose from that take 30, 45, 60, or 75 min.


1. Pick your bundle

2. Pick your program

3. Get to lifting (and loving) life

#livebigliftbig #lifesbetterstrong


What you get: 

  • Choose from: 10 different workout programs 
  • Our Awesome Training App: where you’ll view workouts and record your progress 
  • Choice between Full Gym, At Home, or DB-Only workouts: lift when you want, where you want (:
  • Coaching Support Every Step of the Way: from LCK, Bryan, and some of the best coaches in the industry
  • Detailed Coaching Responses: on form check videos + nutrition, fitness, and programming questions
  • App Chat + Online Community Group: connect w/ coaches, other Paragon members, and get support
  • Free Access To: tons of FREE nutrition + fitness resources to help support you in achieving your goals 
  • Pregnancy/PP Resources: via @themintprjct 

Full Gym Physique Bundle:

(Full Gym Programs = 3-Day Full Body Physique, 4-Day Physique, 45-Min Physique, Bryan’s Program)

  • barbell
  • dumbbells
  • squat rack
  • bench
  • machines
  • cable machines


Home Gym Physique Bundle:

(Home Gym / Gym With No Machine Programs = 3-Day Full Body HG Physique, 4-Day HG Physique. Bonus programs =  Strength/Metcon, 30 Min DB Quickie)

  • barbell
  • dumbbells
  • squat rack
  • bench
  • resistance bands.


DB-Only Bundle:

(DB-Only Programs = 3-Day Full Body DB Physique, 4-Day DB Physique, 30 Min DB Quickie)

  • dumbbells
  • bench
  • resistance bands

Sounds like our At-Home // Dumbbell programs are for you! All you need is 2-3 pairs of dumbbells + some bands.

  • DB Quickie = 30-min workouts
  • DB Cardio/Lift = bodybuilding, strength training, and cardio of your choice. 3 lift days + 2 potential cardio days
  • DB Physique = bodybuilding + strength training workouts to help you look/feel your best

Learn more about At-Home // DB Programs here

Most of our workouts take 60-75 min.

If short on time, DB Quickie workouts take 30-min, and 45-Min Physique takes 45 min!

You also have the option to stack on zone 2 and zone 5 cardio sessions on top of programming (30-60 min).

Most of our workouts optimize around training 4 days/week – so you can get in, get yoked, and then go live a BIG life (and look great while doing it!)

Each workout bundle has a 3 Day option, a 4 Day option, and then you can also stack our (optional) Zone 2 / Zone 5 Cardio sessions throughout the week if you enjoy doing double sessions OR working out 5 days per week.

We do recommend getting 2 rest days per week, as recovery = the secret sauce to positive adaptations (like getting stronger, gaining muscle, losing body fat, etc).

We’ve all been there, you got this!

Check out our 30-min DB Quickie program.

^ DB’s are often a little easier to learn how to move and lift. 30 min workouts = less movements to learn and get familiar with, so workouts will likely seem a little less overwhelming!

Once you’re feeling a little more comfortable in a few months, you could consider switching to one of our 60-min programs.


With Your Paragon Subscription, You’ll Get:

  • Detailed Workout Instructions: so you know exactly how to follow our workouts
  • In-App Movement Videos:  so you know exactly how to perform movements + lifts correctly 
  • 24/7 Coaching Support: need help or have questions regarding nutrition, fitness, or programming? Use the Chat Feature in our App or post in our FB Group and get instant, detailed coaching help and support from the Paragon Team
  • Form Checks: want a coach to check your lifting form? Post a form check, get instant feedback (:
  • Free  Nutrition/Fitness Resources: tons of free PDF’s + guides (how to track to track your macros, pregnancy/postpartum resources, etc)


Other Beginner Tips:

  • Look through workouts + watch the lifting videos the night before your workout
  • Re-watch the videos again before you start working out
  • Video yourself lifting so you can compare to the demo videos in our app between lift sets. You can also share form check videos to coaches and get feedback!
  • If your gym has mirrors, lift in front of them
  • Have an experienced gym friend? Ask if you can lift with them!

We gotcha! We have over 600+ movement demo videos uploaded in our app! Each workout day will have detailed instructions + videos so you’ll know exactly how to perform the workout and each lift.

You can also ask questions and get instant coaching feedback from the Paragon team if you post a form check video in the Paragon Facebook group or In-App Chat Feature.

It be like that sometimes! A few options…

  • Prioritize Repeating Movements: parts A/B of the programming each day are the “meat + potatoes” that repeat each week and what we’re trying to progress by the end of the cycle. Hit parts A/B or A/B/C and let it be enough ♥️
  • Set a Timer: set a clock for whatever time you DO have and go get some. Work hard, don’t forget to have fun, and let whatever you get through be enough!
  • Rest Less: if you know you’ll only have 40-45 min, you can often still crank through most of or close to an entire 60-min workout by shortening rest times, combining sections, and/or turning things into Alternating Movements, Giant Sets, or Super Sets. Note: you may need to choose lighter weights than you normally might (:


In a busy and/or stressful season of life?

Remember that the best workout is whatever you can do CONSISTENTLY. And that different seasons may (temporarily) call for different priorities.


Rather than “All or Nothing”…

What if you committed to less right now and took some extra stress off your plate by switching to 30-Min DB Quickie or 45-Min Physique?

  • Training blocks: 6 or 12-week, depending on program/training cycle focus
  • Workouts always have: Progressive Overload + weekly repeating movements   
  • Training cycles alternate between: Hypertrophy, Strength, & Hypertrophy/Metabolic Conditioning cycles throughout the year


You can join at any time, but you’ll only get access to programming 7 days before you join date.

You will not be able to access programming that began before you membership date. Thus it’s most advantageous to join when we begin new cycles (every 6 weeks)

If training for a race (such a marathon) or finishing up another companies workout program, it would be a good idea to purchase you membership when new cycles start at Paragon so you have access to the whole training block. Then you can pick up in our app whenever you’re ready!

If you join mid-cycle, we have a special Acclimation / Intro-to-Paragon Program you’ll follow until new cycles pick up in a few weeks. It’s Hypertrophy (muscle building) focused. It will also cover how to follow our workouts, breakdown common lingo you’ll see in workouts, etc etc.

About ~70% of our members follow 4-Day Physique!

Our Strength/Metcon program (in the Home Gym Bundle) is for you!

This program is our take on a more sustainable approach to functional fitness.

All the things you love:

  • Strength training
  • Olympic lifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Functional fitness movements 
  • Fun metcons

^ but put together in a way that won’t leave you feeling beatdown + burnout!

Most people want the best of all worlds: to look great, feel great, see lift PR’s, and have fun. So we made a program (that was backed by science) that could do just that ♥️

Any of our 3-Day Programs just became your BFF! Workouts are full body and take 60-75 min.

You also might love our 45-Min Physique program.

Paragon members get access to a FREE Cardio Add-On program (2x Zone 2 sessions, 1x Zone 5 sessions) that will stack perfectly with our workouts.

You could also get after the peloton rides you love, or stack your trail running or marathon training. It’s a “Choose Your Own Adventure” – you do you, boo.

Either way, you’ll have dope bodybuilding and strength training workouts + the cardio goodness you love (or need for work!) and can ride off into the sunset.

At Paragon, we liveee for giving detailed coaching responses and around-the-clock support for our members! 

Paragon is an evidence-based, education-focused company. We believe that education = empowerment.

Simply put: it’s a lot easier to DO something when you understand the “how” or “why” behind WHY you’re doing something.

You can ask questions + post form check videos on your lifts in both our Training App and Paragon Facebook Group. We may not be there in person with you (and we might be typing back to you in our underwear – kidding! or maybe not), but you’ll get detailed help + responses from our coaches!

1:1 nutrition coaching is not part of our Paragon membership.

Nutrition coaching often often runs a few hundred dollars a month, so it’s not something we can include within our super affordable $49 workout subscription (:

We love answering nutrition questions, sharing educational posts and detailed guides, and share tons of free nutrition resources regularly for members however!

Feel free to post in our App Chat or Paragon Community Group and ask questions regarding food, nutrition, supplements, mindset, body image, etc.

Need a Good 1:1 Nutrition Coach?

Our Paragon Coaches all run their own personal nutrition coaching businesses. Hop to the Meet Our Team page. If interested in 1:1 coaching, def reach out and see if they have availability!

Yes! Paragon Members get free access to our Pregnancy/Postpartum Movement Modification and Substitution Guide.

We also regularly share educational content and resources from the ladies of @themintprjct.

Paragon Members also get a 20% discount if they want to purchase Mint’s Birth-Back-to-Gym program. Use code “PARAGON” at checkout.

Many of our mommas love following our Physique programs during pregnancy and PP. We typically recommend switching to one of the DB Physique programs as pregnancy goes on, since DB’s are more versatile and a lil easier to maneuver around a growing belly (:

Yasssss. Hop to our Discounts page here. You can verify your status as Military, LEO, Fire Fighter, Student, or Teacher via SheerID! ♥️

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