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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping people live stronger, happier, and healthier is what we do best at Paragon Training Methods!

With our workouts, you CAN have it all:

  • have fun
  • look and feel great
  • improve your health
  • get strong, age well
  • see progress and new lift PR’s

… all in just 30, 45, or 60 minutes per day (:

How It Works:

1. Pick your bundle: Full Gym, Home Gym, DB Only

2. Pick your program: based on how many days and how long you want to workout

3. Get to lifting & loving life: and look great doing it!

Full Gym Programs:

  • barbell
  • dumbbells
  • squat rack
  • bench
  • machines
  • cable machines

Home Gym Programs:

  • barbell
  • dumbbells
  • squat rack
  • bench
  • resistance bands

DB-Only Programs:

  • dumbbells
  • bench
  • resistance bands

Each workout bundle has a 3 day, 4 day, and 5 day option, as well as an option for when you’re shorter on time.

You can also complete up to 3 programmed cardio sessions per week (but only if you want to!) 

We do recommend getting 2 rest days per week, as recovery is the secret sauce to positive adaptations (such as getting stronger, gaining muscle, losing body fat, etc).

Most of our workouts take 60-75 min.

But if shorter on time, DB Quickie workouts take 30 minutes, and 45-Min Physique takes 45 minutes!

You also have the option to complete programmed zone or zone 5 cardio sessions on top of our lift sessions. These are usually 30-45 minutes (but completely optional!)

We’ve all been there, you got this! You’d love our 30-Min DB Quickie or 45-Min Physique programs.

Since these workouts are on the shorter side (most of our programs are 60-75 minutes), there will be less movements to learn and get familiar with at one time, so workouts should seem a little less overwhelming (:

Once you’re feeling a little more comfortable in a few months, switch to one of our 60-min programs!

With Your Paragon Subscription, You’ll Get:

  • Detailed Workout Instructions: so you know exactly how to follow our workouts
  • In-App Movement Videos: so you know exactly how to perform movements and lifts correctly 
  • Detailed Coaching Support: have questions regarding nutrition, fitness, or programming? We gotcha!
  • Form Checks: want a coach to look at your lifting form? All you have to do is post a video!
  • Tons of Free Resources: we’re always sharing educational posts and videos regarding nutrition, fitness, and lifting

No sweat! We have over 600+ movement demo videos uploaded in our app! Each workout day will have detailed instructions and videos so you’ll know exactly how to perform the workout and each lift.

You can also post form check videos and get feedback from LCK, Bryan, and Paragon Coaches.

Sounds like our Home Gym or Dumbbell Only programs are for you! Similar programming to our Full Gym programs, just optimized for the gym equipment you have at your disposal!

Checkout our 30-Min DB Quickie program in our Home Gym membership bundle, or our 45-Min Physique program in our Full Gym membership bundle.

  • Training blocks: 6 or 12 weeks, depending on program and training cycle focus
  • Workouts have: progressive overload and weekly repeating movements 
  • Training cycles alternate between: Hypertrophy, Strength, and Metabolic Conditioning

You can join at any time, but you’ll only get access to programming 7 days before your join date.

You will not be able to access programming that began before your membership date.

About ~70% of our members follow 4 Day Physique!

Our Strength/Metcon program is for you! This program is our take on a more sustainable approach to functional fitness.

All the things you love:

  • Strength training
  • Olympic lifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Functional fitness movements 
  • Fun metcons or conditioning pieces

… but put together in a way that won’t leave you feeling beatdown or burnout!

Most people want the best of all worlds: look great, feel great, see lift PR’s, and have fun. So we made a program (that was backed by science) that could do just that!

Any of our 3-Day Programs just became your BFF! You also might love our 45-Min Physique program.

Paragon members also get access to our FREE Cardio Add-On program (2x zone 2 sessions, 1x zone 5 sessions) that will stack perfectly with our workouts.

You could also get after the peloton rides you love, or stack your trail running or marathon training. It’s a “Choose Your Own Adventure” – you do you!

Either way, you’ll have dope bodybuilding and strength training workouts + the cardio goodness you love (or need for work!) and can ride off into the sunset.

We love giving detailed coaching responses and support for our members! 

You can ask questions and post form check videos in both our Training App and Facebook Group.

We may not be there in person with you, but you’ll always get detailed help and responses from our coaches!

1:1 nutrition coaching is not part of our Paragon workout subscription membership.

But we do love answering nutrition questions, sharing educational posts and detailed guides, and share tons of free nutrition resources regularly for members!

Need a Referral for a 1:1 Nutrition Coach?

Our Paragon Coaches all run their own personal nutrition coaching businesses. Hop to the Meet Our Team page. If interested, reach out and see if they have availability!

Yasssss. Hop to our Discounts page. We use SheerID as our verification service. Enter your info and it will generate a code to use at checkout ♥️

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