Frequently asked questions

Paragon Training Methods = evidence-based workouts that will help you build muscle, enhance your physique, and look/feel great in ~30-90 minutes!

Once you join, workouts will deliver to your phone via our smartphone app, movements and lifts programmed during workouts will always be accompanied by YouTube video links so you know exactly how to perform the movement.

You also have 24/7 access to LCK, Bryan, and our amazing team of Paragon coaches in our Members-Only Facebook group to ask questions, ask for modifications/substitutions, post form check videos, etc.

Need Barbell, DB’s, Bench, Squat Rack:

  • Paragon
  • Physique
  • 3-Day Physique
  • Hybrid Cardio/Lift

Need 2-3 Pairs of DB’s:

  • DB Quickie
  • DB Physique
  • DB Hybrid Cardio/Lift

We also regularly offer Bodyweight workouts during holidays (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) to ensure members can still workout even if they don’t have gym access.

Our programs revolve around 3-5 days of training per week and vary per program. Saturdays are optional for Paragon, Physique, and DB Quickie programs.

We recommend getting a minimum of 2 rest days, non-negotiable. But ultimately how/when you hit the 4-5 days of programming each week is totally up to you. If following Physique, make sure you follow the program “in order” (:

Physique and DB Physique!

60-75 minutes, 4 days a week + an optional conditioning day on Saturday. DB Physique is simply an at-home/DB-only version of the Physique cycle.

All the strength training, lifting, and bodybuilding accessory work to help you get strong, feel great, and look damn good!

Our Hybrid & DB Hybrid Cardio/Lift program is for our people who love running, swimming, biking, rowing, Peloton, etc.

Hybrid = 3 full body lift days + 2 potential cardio days. You can either follow our programmed cardio pieces, or sub in your program/class/etc.

If you love other endeavors like sand volleyball, BJJ, trail biking, etc – you could also check out 3-Day Physique. It’s also a 3-day full body program.

We would love to see members getting at least 1-2 total rest days a week. Recovery is the secret sauce to positive adaptation (whether that’s gaining muscle, losing body fat, getting stronger, improving performance, etc).

We expect members  to be netting a minimum of ~7000-8,000 steps every day.

You’ll notice that most of of our programs prioritize around 3-4 training days per week, with an optional 5th day on Saturdays.

Yep! Our workouts deliver right to your phone via an app called Wodify Client. You have to go through our website to purchase a membership. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email from us with instructions on how to access the workouts.

You’re able to view all 10 of our workout programs, you can record and track your lifts, and also see your progress over time.

You’re also able to see workouts for the entire week in advance, as we understand travel and work schedules can get tough sometimes (:

Your $49/mo subscription with Paragon grants you access to our workouts, our app, and coaching within our FB Group.

LCK does regular educational FB Lives in the group, and we also occasionally offer nutrition programs (such as LCK’s Holiday Accountability & Education program).

1:1 Nutrition Coaching typically runs ~$150-$300+ per month, so unfortunately this is not something we can offer within our super affordable subscription.

If tight on $, we’d suggest picking up a copy of LCK’s 130-page nutrition ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, & More

If interested in 1:1 coaching, slide to our About Us page. All of our Paragon coaches run their own nutrition coaching businesses in addition to helping coach in our FB Group. Note: Paragon does not get any sort of financial kickback from you working 1:1 with our coaches (:

Our subscription is $49/month and nets you access to all Paragon workout programs and specialty programs.

  • Paragon
  • Physique
  • 3-Day Physique
  • Hybrid Cardio/Lift *
  • Olympic Weightlifting *
  • Booty/Shoulder *
  • Accessory
  • DB Quickie
  • DB Physique
  • DB Hybrid Cardio/Lift *

*Specialty programs are not available year round. Check our homepage to see which programs are currently being offered!

30-Minute Program:

  • DB Quickie

60-75 Minute Programs:

  • Paragon
  • Physique
  • DB Physique
  • 3-Day Physique
  • Hybrid Cardio/Lift
  • DB Hybrid Cardio/Lift

Yes! Because we are an evidence-based company, all of our programs contain progressive overload.

Progressive Overload = a program that typically increases in difficulty week-to-week and builds on the previous week. A simple example might be that if we squat on Mondays and you start the cycle with 150 lbs, you’ll likely squat 155 the next, 160 the next, etc etc. By the end of the this cycle, we’re then likely to see PR’s and strength gain as a result of repeatedly putting in work on that movement. 

Our DB Quickie & Paragon programs are 6-week cycles, where as all other programs are 12-week cycles.

It’s most ideal if you join during new cycle releases, as then you’re “in-line” with the calendar in the app.

You can join at any time, but you’ll have to change the date in the app to the beginning of the cycle and work forwards.

Our DB Quickie Program takes 30-minutes and all you need is a few pairs of DB’s. Great for travel, new parents, or those busy stretches of life. When workouts only take 30 min, there’s always time for a Paragon Quickie (:

There’s also our 3-Day Physique Program. Sessions take 60-75 minutes, are full body sessions, and you’ll need a full gym set-up (barbell, DB’s, bench, squat rack).

We’ve all been there, you got this!

After you sign-up, you’ll get an email with our Paragon Handbook. It contains a breakdown of common lingo and terminology you’ll see in our workouts. Movements will always be linked to YouTube videos so you know exactly how to perform a movement. You also have 24/7 access to LCK, Bryan, and our coaches to ask questions, get help, and post form check videos in our FB Group.

If new to lifting, we’d suggest checking out 30-minute DB Quickie program.

DB’s are often a little easier to learn how to move and lift, and when workouts are 30-minutes, there’s less movements to learn and get familiar with so workouts will seem a little less overwhelming. Once you’re feeling a little more comfortable in a few months, you could consider switching to one of our 60-min programs.

We’d suggest watching the YouTube videos of each movement the night before you go to the gym, and then again before you head to the gym. It can also be helpful to lift in front of a mirror or to video yourself. Then compare yourself to the person in the videos (:

No sweat! 

Each movement that’s programmed is always linked to videos on our YouTube channel. We also regularly post demo movements on our IG, @paragontrainingmethods, so you know how to properly perform each programmed movement.

We also have our Members-Only Paragon Community Facebook Group, a forum where you can connect with other members in the community and ask questions regarding scaling, modifications, post form check videos, etc.

We love when members post videos so we can give critique and feedback on movements and lifts (:

LCK, Bryan, and our amazing team of Paragon Coaches all spend a few hours per day in the group answering questions, giving feedback on lift videos, and taking care of our amazing community. 

Our goal is that if you post, you get an immediate response. For example, if you’re lifting at the gym and have a question about the programming, it wouldn’t be helpful to get a response hours later. 

If you post in the group, someone will immediately answer. It’s that simple!

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