Frequently asked questions

What sort of equipment or gym access will I need to complete Paragon, Quickie, or Accessory?

Programming will typically require:

  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Pull-up rig
  • Rings
  • Squat rack
  • Cardio machine (bike, rower, etc) or jump rope

Quickie members will simply need a jump rope and 2 pairs of dumbbells (lighter and heavier).

Our members are an equal split between CrossFit gyms, globe gyms (Golds, Lifetime, 24 Hour, etc), and home gyms (:


How may days of programming are scheduled each week for Paragon?

If following Paragon, Mondays and Thursdays are upper body days, while Tuesday sand Fridays are lower body.

On Saturdays, we provide 4 options:

  1. Rest
  2. Jump in on a Community Class WOD
  3. Programmed Oly lifting
  4. Programmed Upper Body “Bro Sesh”

We recommend rest days on Wednesday and Sunday. But ultimately how you hit the 4-5 days of programming each week is totally up to you (:

If new to the program, we suggest starting with 4x/week and see how we feel prior to adding the 5th optional Saturday piece.

Laurie and Bryan only hit 4x/wk, for what it’s worth. More does not always = better (:

Can I follow both paragon and accessory?


Accessory is intended to cater to those who are already following a program they love following, but wish to add a little extra bodybuilding and lifting to improve aesthetics and strength.

Accessory pulls directly from Paragon programming, so Paragon members are already technically hitting the work within their daily programming. 

What do I receive each week if I subscribe to accessory?

You will receive 10 “mini-sessions” that will take about 10-15 minutes each. You also get access to our FB, nutrition challenges, and coaching access to LCK + Bryan just like normal Paragon members.

There will be 2 Core pieces, 3 Strength/Skill pieces, &  5 Hypertrophy, Bodybuilding, or Aesthetic-Focused pieces.

We could tack these on to our programming each day, or just complete all programming in one day for a solid day of training.

*Try to complete Strength/Skill sessions PRIOR to your programming and Aesthetic work AFTER your programming. Please see Program page for additional advise on implementation.

**All programming for Accessory will be under MONDAY (so you don’t have to click back and forth through the entire week), so don’t forget to change the date in Wodify if seeing “No WOD Found”

What about rest days?

We would love to see a minimum of 2 rest days each week, so that the body has time to properly rest and positively adapt. 

We expect people to be netting 8000-10,000 steps a day. 

Saturday is technically scheduled as an additional day, as programming is prioritized around 4x/week. If feeling good or just missing the vibes of working out in a class, feel free to hit that 5th day and then chase the pump after.

Working out solo? We’ll still provide a workout on Saturdays in case anyone needs it.

What if I don't know what a particular movement is?

No sweat! Hop over to Instagram and follow @paragontrainingmethods– We have demo videos with some quick tips on regularly programmed movements.

We will also link to YouTube videos in Wodify so that you can get the most benefit from each of the programmed exercises!

We also have the Paragon Community Facebook Group, a forum where you can connect with other members in the community and ask questions.

What if I don’t have high-skill gymnastic movements, such as rope climbs, muscle-ups, or pull-ups?

Being creative and flexible is a lifeskill. We don’t want to give members the fish. We want to teach them HOW to fish. 

If your goal is strength or aesthetics, try to sub an exercise that works the same muscle-group. If rope climbs are programmed, what if we did pull-ups, towel pull-ups, or a sitting sled pull.

If your goal is to master a movement or work towards achieving it (for example, first pull-up), consider using it as play time to try progressions, get a spot from others, or just work towards it.

Consider also doing both! For example, if a muscle up is programmed, what if you did you 2 strict pull-ups (or ring rows), 2 dips, and a muscle-up transition or a muscle-up with a spot?

Have fun with it, great creative, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If it’s upper body, do upper body. If it’s lower body, get the booty and legs burning!

Does this programming have cycles or progressions? Can I jump in at any time?

You can slide in at any time and just pick up current programming where we’re at.

At this moment in time, programming is not following specific metric progressions. It’s something we’re considering down the road.

But people have been getting incredible results without the anxiety of tracking workouts and with more variation.

Especially if hormones or adrenals are in a tough space, the individual needs the opportunity to workout and scale based on how they’re feeling. If we’re feeling super beat down, we can make things worse (both mentally and physically) by saying “we need to squat __% this week, and then add __ next.”

What is Wodify?

If you’ve never used Wodify, you’re in a for a treat! Wodify is an easy-to-use app that you can use to access the programming right from your smartphone!

You’re able to see workouts for the entire week in advance as we understand travel and work schedules can get tough sometimes.

Already have a Wodify Account?

After purchasing a Paragon program through Wodify, you will automatically receive an email. Follow instructions and click through so Paragon is added to your app. 

Then re-open the Wodify app, hit the upper right hand corner (3 stacked lines), go down to “Switch Accounts”, and make sure Paragon is selected as the default account.

You may need to log in & out once after purchasing a new program (: