Grocery Guide: Easy Microwave Meals

Looking for some fast & easy meals you can make with a microwave? This grocery guide for easy microwave meals is perfect for the office, work, hotel stays, travel, and busy days!

Paragon Coach @kate__eli is here to transform the way you think about food when you only have access to a microwave and a fridge (:

I travel regularly for the military, so learning how to master my nutrition while traveling (and staying in a hotel room) has been a game changer! Not only does it make it easy to stick to my goals, but it keeps my digestion in check, helps me feel good, and saves me SO much money!

I know it can seem enticing to eat fast food, order room service, or spend money dining out – but with a quick stop at the grocery store, you DON’T have to stress over food, you CAN still enjoy yourself, and maybe you save your food adventures for the REALLY good stuff (popping in the local famous <insert the blank> food place, grabbing a coffee from the local coffee shop that has good Yelp reviews, etc) ♥️

Things To Look For

At the grocery store, you’re looking for no-cook or minimal-cook options that can be 1) stored in a fridge 2) easily heated up in a microwave.

Pro-Tip: buy some cheap Tupperware so you can prep your food and take it with you during the day! Paper plates/utensils are also a must if your hotel doesn’t have them. Don’t get caught licking your plate or eating with your hands… you know we’ve all been there (:

Go-To Travel Foods

  • Pre-cooked proteins for meals (rotisserie chicken, chicken breast, steak, salmon, poke, sushi)
  • Portable proteins for snacks (bars, yogurt, tuna, jerky)
  • Frozen microwave veggies (make sure your fridge has a freezer!)
  • Portable carbs (microwave rice, high-protein mac and cheese, bread/English muffins for sandwiches, microwave oatmeal, granola, breakfast cereal)
  • Ready-made meals for busy and/or long days 
  • Nuts/nut butter for snacking & healthy fats!




Pre-Made Meals


Want to Learn More?

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