Modeling Healthy Lifestyle for Kids

Modeling A Healthy Lifestyle For Kids

The littles in your life are always watching and paying attention ♥️

One of our favorite things about our Paragon workouts is that strong and active parents go on to raise strong and fearless kiddos. When it comes to positively influencing others, one of the very best things you can do is simply lead from the front by example. Modeling a healthy lifestyle for kids can be easy!

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Ideas to Model for Kids

Family Walks: make a family habit and routine out of going for a short 5-10 min walk together after meal times.

Cooking Together: invite your kids to help plan and prepare meals with you.

Home Gym Workouts: if you work out at home, let your kids see you working out (while mutually having boundaries when/where needed so you can get stuff done, haha). If your kids are old enough (and they won’t be a total distraction), invite them to be in your home gym while you workout. You can also invite them to workout with you (with lighter weights or body weight). Kids can also make for the perfect weights when you’re working out sometimes. Snuggle your kiddo as you’re goblet squatting, use them as a (probably wiggly) weight when doing overhead weighted sit-ups, etc.

Outdoor Fun: block out time on the calendar each week to do things like go for a family bike, scooter, or rollerblade. Have access to things like kayaking, SUP, or hiking? Those are great too!

Food Options: in your fridge and pantry, make healthy snacks and food options like fruit easily available and placed at kid-friendly heights. They may not grab them often or super regularly – but the important part is that sometimes they still might (:

Talking About Food: as kiddos get older, educate them about the types of foods and macros (protein, carbs, fats, fruits, veggies). Try offering well-rounded meals that contain the above, when possible. Sometimes, it’s just about finding the right way to cook and season veggies or finding the right dunking condiment your kiddo loves.

Mobility: if your mobility isn’t the greatest, invite your kiddos to stretch and get bendy with you each day!

Hydration: struggle with getting your littles to drink water? What if you picked up some extra fruit and offered different fruit-infused water every few days? Have a pitcher of fruit water in the fridge, or add sliced oranges, lemons, limes, kiwis, berries, etc to their water!

Sneaky Steps: invite your kiddos to walk with you to the mailbox each day!

Make Fitness Fun: have family plank “battles” while watching tv. Have fun little competitions around who can hold a plank the longest.

Activity Buy-Ins: have activity “buy-ins” in exchange for them getting the freedom to do certain things. For example, 10 air squats or 10 burpees before they can turn on the tv

^^ These are just some ideas, of course! Modeling a healthy lifestyle for your kids can come in so many different forms!

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