6-Week Holiday Accountability & Education Program (Free to Paragon Members)

Hey Fam! Paragon Founder LCK checking in!

If you were around last year, my Winter Accountability Group was a total hit. I made some really bomb educational PDF’s, conducted weekly Facebook Lives, and helped lead the way on showing everyone how to do the LEAST but get the MOST – so members could enjoy the holidays stress-free (while still being present, still eating the cookies, still being accountability to basic habits, still positively working towards their goals, and feeling GREAT).

It was SO life changing for people that when I started getting messages recently asking if I was bringing it back this year — it was a total no brainer.

As a result of this 6-week program, you’ll have access to: workouts, nutrition guidance, and accountability from November 15th – January 1 so you can not only navigate the holidays better, but also be better equipped to crush your goals in 2022.

While I can’t stop the wellness industry from sucking the joy out of people’s holidays // from burning people out with their restrictive challenges and 21-day detoxes…

I CAN invite you all to join me as we enjoy these next 6 weeks, remove stress and guilt from the equation, and really embrace doing the minimum while still focusing on core habits with massive return on investment to good health and wellbeing.

You CAN enjoy the holidays while still working towards your goals. You DON’T have to gain tons of weight during the holidays or spend the next few weeks uncomfortable in your skin or having a mental spiral. You don’t have to fall into the yearly “fck it” hamster wheel  and have nutrition/fitness go to the wayside.

I’m going to give you all the tools and accountability to navigate and be successful these next 6 weeks.

You’ll get access to:

  • FB Lives: weekly educational 60-min Facebook Lives with LCK
  • Community: party will be happening in our amazing Members-Only Paragon FB Group (:
  • Daily Task Accountability: via Wodify Rise Smartphone App
  • Educational PDF’s Curated by LCK: 64 pages of goodness! Keep scrolling for more details on what’s being covered
  • Workouts: As a Paragon members, you have access to all 10 of our amazing workout programs in our Wodify Client app (BW, DB, & Full Gym Programs)

My goal is to provide you the resources so that once we’re through the holidays, you can step up your game (if you want to) and are armed with the information to roll in 2022 and crush whatever your goals are.


Your Paragon subscription = access to all 10 of our workout programs.

  • No equipment? No problem. You’ll have access to Bodyweight Workouts in our app from November 15th – January 1st. You could also pack running shoes and follow conditioning days from Hybrid.
  • Have a few DB’s? We have 3 DB-only programs: DB Quickie (30 min), DB Hybrid Cardio/Lift (60 min), and DB Physique (60 min)
  • Have access to a full gym set-up? We have 5 amazing programs to enjoy!


We’ll be tracking basic habits daily in an app for the next 6 weeks-

  • Eating lots of protein
  • Eating fruits/veggies
  • Getting lots of steps
  • Drinking enough water
  • Sleep and getting all the zzz’s
  • Stress management

Program Outline:

Week 1:

  • Journaling
  • Protein Needs
  • Sleep
  • Steps
  • Hydration
  • Fruits & Veggies
  • Stress Management
  • Fiber
  • Supplements

Week 2:

  • How Can You Make the Best Choice the Easiest Choice?
  • Travel Foods & Tips
  • No-Cook / Minimal Cook Grocery Ideas
  • Tips for the Holidays
  • Boundaries
  • Alcohol

Week 3:

  • Signs of Under-Eating
  • Assessing Where You’re Currently At
  • My Favorite Food Tracking App
  • How Many Calories You Should Be Eating
  • Calculating Maintenance Calorie Needs

Week 4:

  • Reverse Dieting
  • My Favorite Stree-Free + Easy Way to Track Macros
  • What to Eat Before/After Exercise
  • Thoughts for Those Who Struggle With the Weekend
  • Grocery Store Guides

Week 5:

  • Checklist to Master Prior to Dieting
  • Caloric Deficits
  • Reasons Why Your Diet May Not Be Working
  • Caloric Surpluses
  • Reasons Why You Might Not Be Gaining Muscle
  • Tips on How to Feel Good in Your Skin While Eating & Weighing More

Program will begin on Monday November 15th.

This 6-week program is available to all subscribing Paragon Members for FREE and will take place in our Members-Only Paragon Facebook Group.

  • Existing members, please check the pinned posts in the FB Group and make sure to register your spot (:
  • Not a member of Paragon but want to join in on the fun? Click Here to Join Now