Improve Your Muscle-Ups

Maybe You Don’t Need To Lose Weight to Get Better at Gymnastics.

“I just need to lose 5 more lbs and I’ll be better at muscle-ups” – maybe, maybe not. Maybe we don’t necessarily need to get LIGHTER, but rather need to GAIN and build upper body muscle so we’re STRONGER relative to our bodyweight.

Know why people hate gymnastics movements in CrossFit? Anyone can pick up a barbell & muscle their way through it. But gymnastics requires building a foundation of earning and owning movement. Practice does indeed make perfect (:

Want to become a muscle-up ninja?

    • Play 5-10 minutes every day.
    • Strict before kipping. If we can’t do it strict for reps, we don’t deserve to be swinging there for reps.
    • Have a solid strict pull-up and dip game. We should be able to bang out 8-10 strict pull-ups and 10-15 dips on rings with ease.
    • Keep feet and knees together. Lack of tension = lack of power. Try sticking a t-shirt or knee sleeve between the feet.
    • Rather than pulling the rings to CHEST (thus catching super low and requiring a massive dip), pull rings down and around to the HIP so we barely have to dip out.
    • Swing size should be individual dependent. More mobile human likely equals a bigger arc, but a bigger swing is NOT better and actually may be more inefficient if we have to bend our legs or break shapes to get there. Tight = powerful, in whatever size shape that means for YOU.
    • Move the rings with you. See how the rings come out in front of the rig with me rather than staying in place? If we have the shoulder mobility to do so, turn out wrists externally (so palms face out)
    • Don’t forget to have fun with it!

Quality over quantity always. We program various gymnasty 1-2x a week in @paragontrainingmethods because strong lats and shoulders translate to so many other things (both aesthetically and also in lifting). If we want to move a heavy barbell, we need strong lats & boulder shoulders!

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