Incline bench hacks (DB-only) if you don't have a bench at home.

Incline Bench Hacks (DB-only)

DB Incline Bench Focus Points

  • Retract the scapula upon setup
  • Think “inverted row,” as you bring the DBs into your chest
  • Explode up, bringing DBs together at the top of the rep

Incline Bench Hacks

If you don’t have an incline bench, we have some hacks. This is a common question we get from the DB-only crew.

There are a few different ways you can handle this:

Prop Your Bench Up

Prop the bench up on something, such as a coffee table, couch, chair, etc… It can also be leaned against a wall if you desire a steeper angle for pressing movements. Your body pressing into it will keep it secure in most cases.

Change Your Body Positioning

Manipulate your torso position to change the angle. This trick doesn’t exactly work with bench pressing, because you can’t lean back to emulate the desired angle. However, it works fantastically for any movements that are meant to be “prone” (face down) on the bench. This could be any rowing variation, face pulls, Y-raises, or curls. Just free-stand without the bench, and hinge at the hip to tilt your torso forward, successfully emulating the desired torso position supplied by the prone position on the incline bench.

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