LCK’s Workout Program

Feb 10, 2022 | Program Cycles

LCK’s Workout Program

Feb 10, 2022 | Program Cycles

Want to follow the same workouts and programming as Paragon Founder, LCK? She’s planning to run the Orange County Half Marathon on May 1st, so she’ll be lifting 3x/week and running 2x/week. You can follow LCK’s exact workouts starting Monday February 14th, when new mesocycles begin for all Paragon programs.

Program Details:

  • Lift Sessions: 3 x 90 min lift sessions from our Physique program
  • Run Sessions: 2 x run sessions per week from our Hybrid Cardio/Lift program (*option to run a longer programmed distance on cardio day #2 for those wishing to train for and run longer races)
  • Equipment Required: dumbbells, barbell, squat rack, bench, way to do pull-ups

A Note from Paragon Founder LCK:

I used to run races and marathons in college and miss it. Now that I live in California, it’s too beautiful to NOT be outside and soaking up the amazing weather and beach views, so I signed up for the Orange County Half Marathon on May 1st. This program will be 5 days of training with 2 complete rest days. If you plan to follow this program, you gotta EAT so that you can actually perform and recover as much as possible. Alllllll the carbs, all the calories #strongxwellfed

My programming the next few months is basically a compilation of our 2 most popular programs: our Physique program, and our Hybrid Cardio/Lift Program. I want the best of both worlds via lifting + bodybuilding + running, so I’m taking the lifting and bodybuilding from Physique, and then stealing the cardio days from Hybrid.

Normally our 4-Day Physique program is spread out over 4 days (2 upper days and 2 lower training days). We’ll still follow the same exact lift programming as 4-Day Physique, but we’ll squeeze it into 3 training days: one upper body day, one lower body day, and then 1 full body day (second upper of the week + second lower body session of the week combined = the third lift day).

If body comp improvement is your goal (and/or you intend to be dieting and eating below maintenance), I would not follow my program as it’s 150% a performance program and very high volume. As always, 4-Day Physique would be best for those with the goal of maximizing aesthetics.

Cardio-wise, this specific Hybrid cycle was programmed specifically with the intent to help members improve at long duration/long duration cardio. If you happen to be training for a specific long distance race or event, you’ll have the option to do a longer programmed run on the cardio days each week if you wish. Day one run’s will begin at 3 miles and then creep up to 5 miles, while Day 2 will start at 4 miles and then creep up to 8-9 miles over time.

Orange County 5K + Half Marathon Deets – May 1st:

I will be running the half marathon, but there’s also a 5K (3.1 miles). My hope is to get a handful of people to come to Orange County that weekend to hang out, make new friends, eat food, take pictures, and then we run as a group and have a really good time (:

You can register here: OC 5K + Half Marathon Registration Link

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Sample Lift Day from LCK’s Program:
*In our app, movements will have links to movement videos

A. Giant Set:
First 2 rounds warm-up, then 3 challenging work rounds
Deadlift x 10-12 Reps
Rest 45-60s
DB Reverse Lunge x 12-16 Reps (6-8 per leg, alternating)
Rest 45-60s
Heels-Elevated Goblet Squat x 10-12 Reps
Rest 3+ minutes

B. Leg Curl Machine, Banded Leg Curl, or Rower Leg Curl
1-2 warm-up sets
8 Sets of 8 Reps
Rest 30-45 sec between sets

C. Superset Movements x 3 Sets Each:
1-2 warm-up sets prior, then
High Box Step-up x 12-16 Reps (6-8 per leg, alternating legs)
Weighted Hip Extensions (see videos) x 8-12 Reps
Rest 2-3 min

D. Weighted Plank x 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec (decreasing weight)
Superset each set of PLANKS with a different movement:
#1 – Lying Leg Raises with hip thrust x 1 min
#2 – Decline or Flat Sit-ups x 1 min
#3 – Burpee Toe Touches x 1 min

E. Optional:
10-20 min steady state cardio on machine of choice (rower, bike, ski erg). Zone 2 // HR should be between ~114-133 bpm.

Example Run Day:

3 Rounds:
Hold the same pace for each 12-min run
12 min of “steady/sustainable” cardio of choice (Row, Run, Bike, Swim, etc…)
4 min walk/rest


3 Mile Run:
RPE of 7 // steady and consistent easy pacing.

New Training Cycles Begin Every 6 Weeks for LCK’s Program.