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Jul 31, 2022 | Testimonials

“Things I’ve Learned the Past 8 Months and The Choices That Got Me Here

1) Transitioned off Hormonal Birth Control in Feb’20
– The Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden is a life-changing read
– I track my cycle monthly with Natural Cycles b/c my menstrual cycles are a monthly “report card” on the underlying state of my health

2) Quit CrossFit and HIIT
– Switched my mindset and started enjoying my workouts
– Stopped competing with others in workouts
– Lifted at MY pace and listened to what my body said was comfortable for that day

3) Stopped CrossFit + Switched to Bodybuilding
– Followed Paragon Training Methods DB Physique when gyms were closed
– Switched to Physique and started lifting with friends

4) Started living the Strong/Well Fed Lifestyle and Prioritized High-Quality Food
– No more dieting, fasting, or caloric deficits. Helllooo maintenance and feeling good!
– Simplified nutrition to 2-3 proteins, 2-3 carbs, 2-3 fats, + 2-4 fruits/veggies

5) Linked my Mental and Physical Health
– Realized good sh*t takes TIME – there are 8 months between pics!
– Started managing my stress. Less stress = Lower cortisol
– Prioritized sleep. No sleep, no gym
– Threw away the scale
– Lots of therapy/counseling (Army 🇺🇸 girl here w/ 15+ yrs of service & some emotional baggage after 3x deployments)
– Regular adjustments and bodywork to stay on top of herniated discs + minor injuries

The only thing that’s constant in life is change (:

I am inspired to share my story because I finally feel confident, strong, & badass!”

Paragon Athlete, Lisa M
📸 @lisaannmax

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