Macro cheat sheet fiber - 33 ways to get more fiber.

Macro Cheat Sheet: Fiber

Fiber Macro Cheat Sheets For The Win!

Struggling to get enough fiber? Here are 2 macro cheat sheets to make this easy-peasy lemon squeeze-y.

Pick a few bullet points and ride the laziness train into the sunset:
3 items = ~15g fiber
4 items = ~20g fiber
5 items = ~25g fiber
6 items = ~30g fiber
7 items = ~35g fiber
and so on.

*Each bullet is about ~5g of fiber, but as always, check nutrition labels when shopping as not all foods (oatmeal, bread, etc) will be created equal.



For most peeps, we’ll likely feel best if we’re averaging a minimum of something like ~25-30g fiber and drinking lots of water each day.

Anything in that ~40-50g and beyond range may cause GI distress, bloating, and tummy distention. So play around and see where you feel your best! Use these macro cheat sheets to quickly and easily find food with at least 5g of fiber. 

Fiber is basically just the indigestible part of plant foods. As fiber passes through our system, it scoops up toxins, excess waste, cholesterol particles, and excess hormones – all while pushing food through the digestive tract.

Think of fiber kinda like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but for your insides.

Benefits Of Fiber

      • Support better digestion + bowel movements

      • Lower cholesterol levels + support heart health

      • Support blood sugar regulation + reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

      • Support thyroid/hormone health

      • Help you feel full / satiated between meals and so much more!

    Want To Learn More?

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    Save and print these macro cheat sheets for easy macro tracking!

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