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The dream team behind the magic

Paragon Founders + Leadership

You’ll have around-the-clock coaching support + guidance from some of the best coaches in the industry.
We can’t wait to cheer you on, provide accountability, and help answer questions along the way (:

Laurie Christine King (LCK)

Founder, Educational Content Queen
Instagram: @lauriechristineking

LCK is a nutrition/fitness coach and industry leader with 15+ years coaching experience and a formal education in Nutrition. She loves creating educational content and has helped thousands of people around the world fall in love with their body, be strong and well-fed, and find freedom in the way they eat + exercise.

Bryan Boorstein

Founder, Programming Expert
Instagram: @bryanboorstein

The legend behind all of our amazing workout programs at Paragon Training Methods. With more than 25+ years of training experience and a passion for nerding out over fitness, movement, and research studies, Bryan brings an incredibly unique approach for training that is fun, effective, and most importantly - sustainable.

Laura Savino

Director of Business Operations
Instagram: @laurajustinesavino

Laura is the behind-the-scenes ninja who helps make all the Paragon magic happen. She was actually one of our very first Paragon members, and it's been the biggest blessing to bring her in as part of Paragon leadership to help with everything from customer service, to account management, to event planning. Laura lives in Colorado and loves being outside, hiking, snowboarding, and nutrition coaching.

Your Paragon Coaches

We get a lot of questions about food, nutrition, supplements, mindset, body image, etc – so we brought in some of the best nutrition coaches out there to support our members ♥️

Fitness trainer and coach holding dog in the gym.
Erika Elko (she/her)

Instagram: @erikaelko

Online fitness trainer and coach at Paragon Training Methods
Alex Maclin (he/him)

Instagram: @alexqmaclin

Paragon Training Methods Coach and Trainer
Kelly Wright (she/her)


Individualized 1:1 nutrition coaching is not part of our Paragon subscription. It’s not uncommon to see 1:1 nutrition coaching run something like ~$150-$300 per month, thus we cannot include it within our super affordable $49 workout subscription (:

We love answering nutrition questions, sharing educational posts and detailed guides, and share tons of free nutrition resources regularly for members however! Feel free to post in our App Chat or Paragon Community Group and ask questions regarding food, nutrition, supplements, mindset, body image, etc.

If Interested in 1:1 Coaching: Our Paragon Coaches all run their own personal nutrition coaching businesses. If interested in 1:1 coaching, definitely reach out and see if they have availability! If not, they’ll be able to point you to someone who might be best for your needs and situation!

The Behind-The-Scenes Team

Paragon Training Methods Community Director
Erin Linderman (she/her)

Paragon Community Director
Instagram: @the_erin_linderman_

Laurie Christine King With Paragon Team Member Kate.
Kate Ernst (she/her)

Paragon Blog Manager

Paragon Training Methods Coach
Cilla Esquivel (she/her)

Social Media Manager
Instagram: @cillabobilla

How Paragon Does It Different (AKA Better!)


instant detailed coaching responses + support

If you were in a gym, you could ask a coach and get instant help. We effectively re-create that same coaching experience for our members around the globe. We just do it online via our Paragon App + Community Group. Granted: we may be sitting typing responses to you in our underwear (kidding... maybe), but you can post at any time and get an instant response from the Paragon Team.


24/7 Access to Paragon Founders, LCK + Bryan

Ever buy a program from someone you love following on social media, and then you don't actually get any contact or interaction with them? Yuck. That's not us. LCK + Bryan spend several hours each day providing coaching support, answering questions, responding to form check videos, and making sure you have everything you need to crush it.


form check videos + nutrition, fitness, program questions

We may not be with you in-person while you lift, but if you video your lift and share it to the community, we can give you feedback + tips! You can tag coaches and ask questions regarding nutrition, exercise, programming, scaling + modification ideas – the world is your oyster! 


Subscribing to a Premium Service = Premium Care.

Paragon Coaches + Founders will always do their best to go above and beyond to give thorough and detailed responses and support. You deserve to feel great. Life is too short to spend at war with your body. We want to see you achieve your goals, feel good in your skin, and love your body (:

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