Mindset, Realistic Goal Setting, & Environmental Auditing

I Just Want to Not Have Belly Rolls When I Sit Down

We all have rolls when we sit down. All of us. Every single one of us. Unless we’re a legit freaking skeleton, we will probably still have some sort of “belly roll” when we sit down. This is the equivalent of when “thigh gaps” were a desired trait – this can’t be the shit we’re chasing as our personal markers of progress and life goals. IT CANT.

Please please pleaseee make sure our goals are realistic and actually attainable so we don’t spend our entire life being miserable, endlessly dieting, and hating our body.

Our body is this magical vehicle and we’re SO, so much more than how we look and fit in clothes. Our value as a person DOESN’T lie in the number between our toes, a clothing size, or being a certain body fat percentage. Just like our happiness doesn’t lie in a barbell weight, our score in a workout, or whether or not we have “rolls” when we sit down.

Probably also a good time to plug an audit for our Instagram viewing feed. Consider letting go of accounts that spam transformation before/afters, or anyone we find ourselves doing weird body comparisons to. Be aware that we can’t walk around super freaking shredded 24/7/365 because our body isn’t meant to do that – we aren’t a photograph to be admired – we’re a living, breathing, constantly evolving being.

It’s easy to hide behind pictures on social media and only show the highlight reels.

Even personally, I can’t walk around as lean as I was for this photoshoot in the feature image. The next month, my menstrual cycle was 2 weeks late – which was a big kick in the pants to listen up, increase my food intake, and also reduce real-life stress to give my body a little more space.

For the grand majority of people, we need periodization. We CAN walk around super lean at times during the year, but best practice is to also have time period stretches where we have a higher intake and give the body space and permission to relax. Chronically living in a deficit is a sure fire way to eat up hard-earned muscle and have body composition, hormones, and wellbeing go sideways. We should be eating at maintenance calories more than anything else, as well as having regular periods of caloric surplus throughout the year.