Our Story

Our Story

The 3 Founders of Paragon Training Methods: Steve, LCK, & Bryan

Life is too short to not look and feel damn good. And it’s definitely too short to spend at war with your body. We’ll say this until we’re blue in the face – but the way you eat and exercise should provide freedom and peace of mind. Over the past few years, we’ve had the gift of helping thousands of people find confidence, improve their health, feel better in their skin, and find better harmony with their life. 

They say the best companies or products come from solving a problem… and Paragon actually started with solving mine.

If you met me in 2017, I was a train wreck. I had just undergone shoulder surgery. I couldn’t work out and was rapidly gaining weight (despite tracking every macro and going for obnoxiouslyyyy long walks … since it was the only activity I could really manage while clunking around in a shoulder sling like an awkward one-armed chicken).

I had spent too many years crushing my body endlessly with too much exercise, not eating enough food, drinking my weight in caffeine and not sleeping at night, and ignoring the signals my body was desperately trying to send me. Hadn’t seen a menstrual cycle in years. Sex drive? Non-existent. Hormone levels? Also non-existent. My skin was awful and full of bumps and breakouts. I was grumpy from the second I woke up in the morning and my day couldn’t begin until I’d poured copious amounts of coffee down the hatch. My digestion was a mess. I chronically felt achey, run down, my blood sugar would swing radically throughout the course of the day, I wasn’t pleasant to be around, and if you looked up my name in the dictionary, I’d probably be listed under “walking dumpster fire.” 

Yikes. Needless to say, I was desperately trying to claw my way to feeling better and get my health in better order. A few months after surgery, I realized I was out of my league and needed help. I reached out to Bryan Boorstein on recommendation of a friend for 1:1 programming. I’ll be transparent and admit I gave him a run for his money. I was a clingy koala bear to wanting to train the same way and do the same things I used to do and was somehow convinced I’d see a different outcome this time around (oof). 

Eventually Bryan was able to win me over to the dark side and I fully bought in to trusting him and trying something new.  It took a little while, but we found a style of work outs that were able to get me back on my feet, looking better, and feeling tremendously better… and that’s when we knew we had to share it with the world. 

From day 1 of Paragon Training Methods, we’ve gone against the grain and doubled down on helping members of our community be strong, well-fed, and no longer at war with their body. We’ve helped thousands of individuals around the globe and we can’t wait for Paragon to change your life ????

– Paragon Founder, Laurie Christine King (LCK) 

(PS: if you’ve never met the guy on the left, Steve is Head of Operations and the one that makes all of our visions for LCK Coaching + Paragon Training Methods come to life. He’s my best friend and the the guy that makes all this possible for both companies and everything we do. He hates being in the limelight, but know he’s the guy that makes this all happen)