Combining Paragon and Running

How To Combine Paragon with Endurance Sports

One of the questions we get asked ALL the time is how members can combine our Paragon workouts with cardio and endurance sports like running, trail running, mountain biking, swimming, etc. Well, you asked and we came up with the goods!

Do you have a performance-based goal you’re planning to crush soon?

Maybe you want to…

  • Run a 5k, 10, half, marathon, or ultra-marathon
  • Crush a long-distance mountain bike race
  • Train for a multi-day cycling event
  • Prepare for an Ironman or triathlon

One of the absolute best ways to prepare for an endurance-type performance event is to maintain strength training at the same time.

But taking on all of that additional training volume can be stressful and is obviously hard on the body, so following a good game plan that allows us to maximize recovery and get the most out of our training sessions is key.

Keep reading for more on how to balance the two so you can perform well AND feel good!

Set A Realistic Timeline

While it might sound fun to sign up last minute for a race or event, try to make sure you don’t bite off more than you chew (:

The length of time needed to prepare will of course depend on your training age and background history in endurance training. But keep in mind that if you’re dabbling in multiple things (like lifting AND run), you’ll likely need more time than if you were just training one modality (aka just running, and not lifting).

General Training Preparation Timelines:

  • 5K: 6-8 weeks
  • 10K: 8-12 weeks
  • Half-Marathon: 3-6 months
  • Marathon or Sprint Triathlon: 6-9 months
  • Ultra or Ironman: 9-12 months

Quick Program Overview

At Paragon Training Methods, we have tons of amazing lifting programs that could combine perfectly with endurance training and other sports.

Which program you choose will mostly just going to depend on:

  • how many days you want to lift each week
  • how long you want to lift each week
  • what type of training you’re wanting to do (more bodybuilding and strength training like in our Physique programs, or more CrossFit/HIIT style workouts like in our Strength/Metcon and DB Quickie program)

3 Day Physique

  • 3 days of bodybuilding (60 min workouts)
  • 1 upper body + 1 lower body + 1 full body session

4 Day Physique:

  • 4 days of bodybuilding (60-75 min workouts)
  • 2 upper body + 2 lower body sessions


  • 4 days of lifting (60-75 min workouts)
  • 2 lower body + 2 upper body sessions
  • for those who love CrossFit style workouts and enjoy strength training, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and metcon-style workouts

Lifting + Running

If you’re lifting and running, it’s all about manipulating the calendar and planning out your training each week so that you can maximize recovery and still get your rest days to rest, relax, and recharge. Try not to run on lower body days and if you’re gonna do a double sessions, run on upper body days (:

4D Physique:

  • Works well with up to 2-3 days of running
  • Lift sessions: Mon (lower), Tues (upper), Thurs (lower), Friday (upper)
  • If shorter runs, do double sessions Tuesday & Friday upper sessions
  • If long distance run, consider pushing to Saturday so you’re only running
  • Should be getting 2 total rest days on Wednesdays and Sundays

3D Physique:

  • Works well with 2-4 days of running
  • Lift sessions: Monday (lower), Wednesday (upper), Friday (full body)
  • Plan a shorter run on Tuesday or Thursday
  • Save the longest run for the weekend
  • Should be getting at least 2 total rest days (maybe even 3)
  • If you just want to lift 2 times a week, skip the full body day each week

Lifting + Biking

Big-time cyclist? Say no more. Cycling and Paragon are basically a match made in heaven (just ask Paragon Founder Bryan Boorstein). Get ready to build those legs!

4D Physique:

  • Could be a great option to balance aesthetic AND performance goals
  • Lift on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
  • Pair lower body lift days with ride days (Mon/Thurs)
  • Save longer rides for Saturdays
  • 2 rest days = non-negotiable

3D Physique:

  • Works best for most biking programs!
  • Lifts on Mon, Wed, Thurs to ensure full recovery for a long weekend ride
  • Mid-distance rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 2 rest days = non-negotiable (likely Fridays & Sundays)

*Note: these are just ideas on how you could get it done. It all works, so don’t be afraid to play around and see what works best for you, your recovery, and also your personal life schedule!

Lifting + Multiple Sports

When it comes to multi-sport endeavors like Iron Man and triathlons, you might need to get a little creative here! Our favorite program for you would be 3 Day Physique!

If you are training each discipline once a week:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday = Lift
  • Tuesday = Bike
  • Thursday = Swim
  • Saturday or Sunday = Run

If you plan to have 4-6 endurance days:

  • Monday = Lift + Run
  • Tuesday = Bike
  • Wednesday = Lift + Bike
  • Thursday = Swim
  • Friday = Lift
  • Sat/Sun = Longer Bike or Run

Other Program Options

Don’t want to be lifting for 60 minutes or more? No sweat, we’ve got you!

30-Min DB Quickie:

  • 4 days of fast and fun 30 min workouts
  • 2 lower body days + 2 upper bodys
  • all you need is dumbbells and a bench

45 Min Physique:

  • 4 days of bodybuilding
  • Same program style as 3 Day and 4 Day Physique, just 45 min sessions!
  • 2 lower body, 2 upper body sessions

Important To Note

Rest and nutrition are imperative for muscle growth and performance. With the increase in overall volume, you will need to ensure two things.


  • 1-2 complete rest days
  • Sleep 7-9 hours a night (or as much as possible)
  • Be aware of body cues for extreme soreness, restlessness, exhaustion, muscle cramping


  • Eat at maintenance or above maintenance needs
  • Prioritize carbs and protein before workouts
  • Consume carbs during your workouts if needed, especially as mileage goes up
  • Prioritize lots of carbs, protein, and calories after workouts
  • Carbs make the world go around if chasing performance goals. Eat up!
LCK and Bryan from Paragon Training Methods

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