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How to Properly Implement Paragon Physique

This first cycle of the Globo Physique program includes an element that has been absent from other Paragon programs thus far: Repeating Movements for the purpose of tracking progress.

Here are the things you need to know before embarking on this new style of programming:

1. The Repeating Movements will stay the same for the entire Macrocycle (12-16 weeks). The rep and loading parameters will be manipulated, but the movement patterns should stay consistent.

2. If for any reason one of the REPEATING MOVEMENTS doesn’t work for you (feels “off” or is unavailable in your gym), please choose a similar movement and leave it the same throughout the cycle.

3. You can feel free to replace or modify the “non-repeating” movements as needed week to week (as long as you strive to keep the volume of work the same; similar # of sets and reps).

4. Training will be organized in 4-5 week “accumulation” periods (Mesocycles). During these 4-5 week mesocycles, the purpose is to make training progressively more difficult each week. 

How do we make training more difficult?

1. Begin each 4-5 week period with approx 2-3 “reps in reserve” (RIR). This is a representation of the # of reps shy of “technical” failure.

2. Each Repeating Movement has a LARGE rep range prescribed. Begin Week 1 with a weight that allows you to achieve the TOP of the rep range on the first set (i.e. if the rep range listed is 6-12, you will try to achieve 11-12 reps on the first set). Then you will expect to see some rep decrease in the subsequent sets as fatigue accumulates.

3. The goal is to keep the SAME number of “reps in reserve” on all sets. So if you achieved 11-12 reps on the first set, and also achieved 11-12 reps on the third set, you could be assured that third set would be way harder than the first set. This is why we want to see some reps decrease set to set (such as 11-9-8). This will ensure equality of effort across all sets.

4. Add weight and/or reps gradually each week so that you will be approaching “technical” failure by the fourth or fifth week.

Back Squat (Rep Range = 6-12)
Week 1 – Reps 11-9-8 (100 lbs) with 2-3 RIR
Week 2 – Reps 11-9-8 (105 lbs) with 2 RIR
Week 3 – Reps 11-9-8 (110 lbs) with 1-2 RIR
Week 4 – Reps 10-8-7 (115 lbs) with 1 RIR
Week 5 – Reps 11-9-7 (115 lbs) with 0-1 RIR
Week 6  – DELOAD (see below)

5. There will be a DELOAD week every 4-5 weeks. This DELOAD period is born out of NECESSITY due to the INTENTIONAL accumulation of fatigue over the course of each 4-5 week Mesocycle. Once you reach failure on the majority of your big lifts (repeating movements), it’s time to deload, flush fatigue, recover, and come back stronger the next Mesocycle.

6. When you begin the NEW MESOYCLE (after the deload) the intention is to start the new “week 1” with the loading and reps achieved from “week 2” of the prior Mesocycle (in the Back Squat example above, you would use 105 lbs for 11-9-8 instead of the 100 lbs that you used in the first mesocycle).

7. Note that only work sets are listed. Please complete progressive sets building in weight as needed.
In general, you can assume 2-3 “progressive ramp-up” sets for the FIRST exercise of the day, and then
1-2 sets (as needed) prior to subsequent exercises in that session.

8. There is no conditioning work programmed (except optional on Day 5). You should feel free to implement activities you enjoy and create movement in life as you desire (or as needed for your goals).

For example, if you need to create a calorie deficit, you can add some cardio or you can cut calories. In Physique training, the purpose of “cardio” is specifically just to keep calories from having to drop excessively. Alternatively, if you are looking to “gain,” you will probably want to avoid cardio and save all the extra energy to fuel lifting sessions. 

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