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The Live Big Lift Big podcast is brought to you by Laurie Christine King (LCK) and Alex Maclin every Wednesdayyy. There’s guaranteed to be lots of laughs, inappropriate jokes, and good times as we discuss all things nutrition, fitness, health, and living a BIG badass life. We believe the way you eat and exercises should provide freedom and peace of mind, and that life is too short to spend at war with your body.

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Meet The Hosts

Laurie Christine King (LCK)

Instagram: @lauriechristineking

LCK is a nutrition/fitness coach and industry leader with 15+ years coaching experience and a formal education in Food, Nutrition, Dietetics. She creates free educational content every day and has helped thousands of women around the world fall in love with their body, be strong and well-fed, and find freedom in the way they eat, exercise, & live life.

Alex Maclin

Instagram: @alexqmaclin

Spanish speaking travel enthusiast, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt and founder of Alex Maclin Nutrition Coaching. Alex has 8+ years experience in Nutrition/Fitness Coaching and is a USA Weightlifting Nationals Weightlifter with a Masters in Science: Biomedical Engineering.

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Episode 1: Meet The Hosts: Laurie Christine King (LCK) & Alex Maclin
Your favorite dynamic duo, Laurie Christine King (LCK) + Alex Maclin are BACK and bringing the fun bigger...
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