Priorities for Gaining Muscle

Interested in gaining muscle and building a better physique? These are some of the most helpful priorities when trying to achieve both.

We wish we would have known these helpful priorities sooner when it comes to fitness, training, and working out.

Are you in the same boat? Feeling like you’ve wasted so many years working out WAY too much, training way too many days a week, not taking rest days, not eating enough, not eating enough carbs, sleeping 4-5 hours per night…

Tip #1: Prioritize Protein

When it comes to protein, a great goal would be a minimum of 0.7-1.1 grams of protein per pound of body weight. For example: if you weigh 130 pounds, this would mean getting ~90-130 grams of protein per day.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to prioritize BIG servings of meat and protein at meals and snacks.

Tip #2: Eat More Carbs!!

Tiny violin moment for all those years we were afraid to eat carbs. If you want to think of your body like a car, consider carbs your gasoline. Foods such as rice, potatoes, oats, bread, and pasta can help you smash workouts, support recovery, and may help you build more muscle.

Tip #3: Eat ENOUGH Calories

If we’re lifting 3-5 times per week and getting 6,000-8,000 steps per day, there’s a good likelihood that 1200-1600 calories per day probably won’t cut it and that your maintenance needs are likely well beyond that.

To gain muscle, you’ll ideally want to be at maintenance or in a calorie surplus beyond maintenance needs. This might be as little as ~5-10%, or as much as 15-20% above maintenance (depending on training age and existing body comp). Either way: the body can’t build “something” from a whole lotta nothing.

Tip #4: Balance Training & Rest Days

If possible, follow Hypertrophy-focused programming ~3-5 times per week that is evidence-based and has Progressive Overload (hint hint @paragontrainingmethods).

We also recommend trying to get at least 1-2 rest days each week.

Most importantly, train in a way that is in alignment with your goals. Gaining muscle and building your ideal physique is already hard enough.

And don’t forget – this ish takes timeee. Rome wasn’t built in a night and you won’t be either. Consider spending at least 2-4 months in a surplus (if not more). Doing this 1-2 times per year will let you look stronger, fitter, and more athletic when you’re leaner (:

Need A Place To Start?

Our Paragon workouts are evidence-based and backed by science. You can choose to work out for 30, 45, 60, or 75 minutes per day. We have workouts for all goals and levels of lifting experience. As well as the option to still include things you love (whether that’s running, Olympic Lifting, or riding your Peloton).

All of our programs at Paragon cycle through different exercise periodization phases, including hypertrophy (building muscle), strength, and metabolic cycles. So as far as goals go, you might have more options than you think!

Physique Programs = strength training and bodybuilding workouts for those who want to look their best and are interested in gaining muscle.

Physique workouts are also our preferred choice for our pregnant/postpartum mommas, those burnt out on high intensity, and/or those working to improve their health and hormones. Choose between 45-Min Physique, 3-Day Physique, 4-Day Physique, and 4-Day DB-Only Physique.

Performance Programs = for those who love combining lifting with other modalities.

These programs are for our Runners, CrossFitters, Olympic Weightlifters, Military, those that love Peloton, etc. Choose between Strength Metcon, Cardio/Lift, or DB Cardio/Lift

DB Programs = workouts that require a minimum of 2-3 pairs of DBs.

These are great workouts to do from home, while traveling, and for those with access to less gym equipment. Choose between DB Physique, DB Cardio/Lift, and 30-Min DB Quickie.

Click here to read more about our Paragon workouts!

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