Signs of thyroid issues or hormone issues.

Signs Of Hormone Or Thyroid Issues

Thyroid issues, hormones, menstrual cycles, and how to support our health is something we, unfortunately, don’t receive tons of education on.

Thankfully, Paragon is an education-focused health and fitness company that’s always working to close that gap. Education = empowerment, which equips people to become the CEO of their health and live a healthy and happy life.

We’ve put together these charts with potential signs of thyroid issues and hormone issues so you can stay on top of your health.

Potential signs of thyroid issues and hormone issues.
Potential symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Other Health Markers

Hormones are complex, so it’s important to understand there are tons of factors that play into our health:

  • the foods we eat
  • how much we do or don’t eat
  • blood sugar regulation
  • exercise habits
  • alcohol consumption
  • gut health
  • nutrient deficiencies
  • sleep habits
  • stress
  • genetics
  • age

Making Changes

Before spending a ton of money on hormone testing, the better place to invest your energy initially might be to work on dialing in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits. This might look like…

  • drinking less alcohol
  • sleeping more
  • eating more fruits/veggies
  • eating enough protein and fiber
  • prioritizing more real whole foods
  • getting more steps
  • getting more consistent w/ your workout routine
  • following a good workout program (like ours!)

Note: chronic stress and under-recovery can both be drivers for thyroid issues and hormone issues (whether that’s under-eating for your activity, training too much or too hard, not taking rest days, etc).

If everything is pretty dialed in and you’re still not feeling great, it’s definitely time to get in for testing with your doctor. Just keep in mind your PCP may or may not necessarily be a hormone expert. To find someone in your area, try googling something like “Thyroid Specialist Houston Texas.” Test for various thyroid issues, and hormone imbalances.

Helpful resources on Women's health + Hormones.
Testing that may be helpful for Thyroid issues, hormones, and regular checks.

Where To Go From Here

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