Stephanie R

“Today I took my son to the public pool and I comfortably wore a two-piece.

The old Steph would never dream of doing that.

As we got to the pool, my 7-year-old son asked me, “Mommy, are you going to take your shirt off where people can see your tummy?” That’s when I responded and said “Of course I am Jax, why wouldn’t I?”

And he responded, ” But won’t people look at your tummy, Mom?” And that’s when I said, “Baby, our tummies are beautiful and deserve to be shown, no matter what anyone else thinks.”

I just wanted to remind anyone that needed to hear this that our kids are listening to us. They are looking to us for guidance. Not only little girls, but little boys as well.

The other day, we went on a walk together, and afterward, my son asked me “Mom, do I look skinny or do I still look fat?” Being the momma bear I am, I told him that I didn’t know where he heard those words, but that he needed to remove those words from his vocabulary and told him that his body looked strong and well fed.

Paragon fam, I wouldn’t be so at peace with my body if it weren’t for these workouts, the Paragon coaches, and this amazing community group of people. Sending so much love to you all.

Paragon Training Methods truly is so much more than just workouts and I am so thankful for you all!”

Paragon Athlete and Badass Momma, Stephanie R
? @cottonheadedninnymuggin_rion

LCK and Bryan from Paragon Training Methods

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“They say the best companies from solving a problem. Paragon Training Methods started w/ solving mine.”

– Paragon Founder, LCK 

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