The History Behind Paragon Training Methods (Must Read)

It didn’t take long after my shoulder surgery on August 9th, 2017 to wake up mortified by my appearance.

I don’t know if I’ve ever cried that much in my life as I did that first 4-6 weeks after shoulder surgery. It’s completely natural and understanding for body comp to slide after surgery.. but there’s still something unsettling about being a nutrition coach and absolutely crushing it across the food/exercise/lifestyle/supplementation spectrum and watching your body fat creep up regardless.

My surgery arm quickly atrophied like crazy and had about as much definition as a pool noodle. I was the heaviest I’d been in a while. Hormonally and adrenally, shit hit the fan. Thyroid levels were tanked, my menstrual cycle was a mess. I didn’t just look like shit. I felt like shit.

Metcons gave me tunnel vision, certain rep schemes of with a barbell made me feel like I might die, and various cardio stimuli left me feeling like I’d black out mid-workout.

I hated the gym, I hated my body. I was supposed to compete again at Regionals that spring – and instead I was watching everything fall apart.

Bryan and I started working together in November of last year. I gave him a run for his programming money – We had to trial and error through a lot to figure out what my body could and couldn’t handle.. I was pretty busted between overtraining from competitive exercise and surgery, so my body couldn’t handle much.

This past year, Bryan truly put me back together. His programming changed my life.

And it was something I was recommending to more and more of my nutrition clients and friends because we were all in the same boat: Beat up, over-trained, hormonally a little busted, and burnt out on high intensity exercise.

Thus Paragon was born. I’ve learned a lot this past year.. Mostly that we don’t have to kill ourselves in the gym to look good, feel good, and live our best life.

Paragon is remote workout programs delivered right to your phone that you can follow from anywhere to feel good and look great in 30-60 minutes. 

Ready to change your life? Click here to join us, we can’t wait to change your life.