Full Day of Training: Paragon Training Methods

Full Day of Paragon Training Methods
with Paragon Training Methods:

Laurie Christine King
Bryan Boorstein
at Fringe Sports

We are checking in from our favorite place ever, Fringe Sports. I (Laurie Christine King) am going to be hitting a Paragon Training Method lower body workout day. Bryan ( Bryan Boorstein) and I are on opposite schedules, so he is going to hit a Paragon upper body day. We are going to try to drop some just some tips, some thoughts on movements, etc to help you guys better perform. Hopefully, you get a sneak peek of what Paragon Training Methods has to offer.


Paragon Lower Body Day Workout

Back-Rack Lunges and Back Squats:
The big thing to focus on during Back-Rack Lunges is to make sure that your core is engaged and the butt is squeezed. You want a 90-degree angle on the front leg.

Dumbbell RDL’s
Starting with some Dumbbell RDL to hit the hamstrings.

Barbell Hip Thrust
Followed up with some hip thrusts to hit the glutes.

Hip Extension
Then we will cruise over to the hip extension machine as well.

Rower Ab Pike
Next, we are going to show you guys a supercool core movement called the Rower Ab Pike. At Paragon Training Methods we love to switch things up. Rower AB pikes are a great way to switch up core work.  There is nothing wrong with planks or crunches, but those get a little boring.

Overhead Dumbbell Situps
Next, we have the Overhead dumbbell sit-ups. The big cue to concentrate on is keeping the glutes engaged while keeping the core engaged. Hold the same speed as you are going up and down. You can either use dumbbells overhead, or you can use an awesome donut plate over your head as well.


Paragon Upper Body Day Workout

Dumbbell incline bench
We are starting with the dumbbell incline bench. We are doing it with a pause today on the chest. We really like the pausing of movement at Paragon, because it allows us to get a good mind/muscle movement and use the speed of the concentric (which is the pressing motion) as a means of assessing fatigue. Pausing during lifts = a better mind-muscle-connection.

Strict Pull-up
With the pull-up, one of the main things you want to focus on is making sure to decompress the scapula completely at the bottom. So, we are going to come down to a dead hang and hang loose. Then we are going to squeeze the lats and pull down as we pull up. Reach back to that full extension, and explode back up from there on each rep. Each set of pull-ups are going to be super-setted with a set of Lateral Raises.

Lateral Raises
Today we are doing Lateral Raises using kettlebells. The main way to do this is because it changes the way the movement is weighted, so that at the top of the movement, there is a weight pulling you down. It is very advantageous if you turn your wrist over. The lateral bells are doing all the work to extend those arms to create a butterfly effect of the body. Lateral delt reaching up, then back down, controlling the negative, pausing the eccentric and making sure the lateral delts are doing all the work.

Hang Dumbbell Muscle Snatch
We love this movement at Paragon because it combines some physique aspects of aesthetics with a functional and conditioning feel. One of my favorite cues for this movement is to make sure the bottom position the trap is hanging long. You want to keep this extended, versus trying to pull up with the shoulder. That is going to keep your from being able to extend the hips fully. So long trap, hinge at the hip, and then explode up over head punching up to the sky over top.

Incline Dumbbell Curls + Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extension
We’re going to finish up with Incline Dumbbell Curls and Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extensions. The most important part of an Incline Tricep Extension is the stretch position at the bottom of the movement. To insure you are high enough on the bench to obtain the stretch, you can place a dumbbell on the bench to create extra height. By sitting on top of the dumbbell, this set-up will allow you the ability to create a full stretch position at the bottom of the rep where you can then explode up and get full tricep extension at the top.”

Upper Body Day Workout

    • Incline Dumbbell Bench: Reps 15-10-5 (increasing weight), then 2 Sets of x 6-8 Reps
    • Strict Pull-ups: Reps 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 (drop weight each around). Complete 10 Dumbbell Lateral Raises after each set of pull-ups
    • Hang Dumbbell Muscle Snatch. Build up to a heavy set of 6-8 Reps, then 3 Sets of 10-12 each arm.
    • Superset Movements x 3 Sets: Incline Dumbbell Curls x 10-15 Reps, Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extensions x 10-15 Reps