Hey hey, and welcome to Paragon Training Methods!

#1: Download Our app

To access our workouts, you'll need to download the "Train Heroic" app.

- Apple App Store
- Android Play Store

#2: join our Facebook group

With your Paragon membership, you get access to LCK, Bryan, and all our amazing Paragon Coaches. Get coaching help, ask training / nutrition questions, get help with scaling or modifying workouts, post form check videos and get feedback on your lifts - the world is your oyster!

You can also connect with coaches via the "Chat" feature in our Train Heroic App. The App Chat is best place for quick workout/programming questions.

#3: filter your calendar

Since we bundle our workouts and you have access to multiple workout programs, you’re gonna want to filter the programs you are NOT using off your calendar.

1. Select the Training Tab
2. Click the upside-down triangle
3. Unselect programs you won't be using
4. Click done and then pull-down and refresh your calendar

#4: cardio add-on program

With your membership, you get free access to a Zone 2 / Zone 5 Cardio Add-On Program that combines perfectly with our workouts.

You can run, bike, ski, row, etc. There will be 3 potential cardio sessions per week to complete. Make sure you're still getting 2 rest days each week (:

You'll need to manually add the program to your calendar.
See image on how to do this.


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