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When It’s Time To Test

Strength Assessment: Self-Testing

The final week of the cycle is used as a strength assessment “self-test” of sorts to, so we definitely want to push close to failure.

Anyone who has taken a set of squats or RDLs within a rep or two of failure can testify that it is an extremely daunting and challenging set!

Through the process of pushing ourselves harder and harder from week to week, we want to ensure that this final week before deload is the most challenging week. Self testing with a strength assessment can identify if you pushed yourself close to failure (or not).

Identifying Progress

If you added a few lbs or 1-2 reps from the prior week, then you can confidently say you were pretty close to nailing the progression week to week.

If you were able to add many lbs or reps from the prior week, you can confidently say that you probably sandbagged it a little the prior weeks.

Even if you’re in the latter group, it’s all good, because you now have the proof that you’re stronger and more capable than you thought previously. You can use this knowledge in the next block to push yourself a little harder from the beginning!

LCK and Bryan from Paragon Training Methods

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